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Staying in is indeed the new going out

Updated on January 5, 2013

Having a night in? No need to feel guilty

In the previous generation, it was truly a case of "you snooze,you lose".If you hadn't organized something to do or somewhere to go out on a Saturday night, you were a fool,a loner or an old biddy.Yet now, an advantage seems to have arose from the technological revolution:staying in could be guarantee a better option than going out.

Now,I'm a big believer in the great outdoors and I am by no means disapproving of a night out;I'm simply opening your eyes to the qualities of a night in.Now,I am no way endorsing being a couch potato but if your constructive with your time in,then you may reap untold gain.And how is this reached? Read on.

The internet has been lambasted as a base for social isolation,cyber bullying and a sedentary lifestyle.Yet the internet can provide a free service for those looking to have a good time.

Want to boogey to some high-energy hits or learn to play your favorite songs on a guitar or piano? Youtube is just waiting for you.

Want to learn some skills that you never had the time or opportunity to master such as a Windsor knot on a tie,whistling with two fingers or the moonwalk? will teach you without pilfering a penny.

Or what about an intriguing figure or event from history that you always wanted to know more about like Jack the Ripper or the Crimean war.Wikipedia the free encyclopedia is only a search away.

And for your own personal growth, the internet can do wonders.Lacking in confidence?Have a fear of spiders?Want to "be cool"?The internet is a genie with virtually endless wishes.Yet people are content to abuse it or simply not take advantage of its service.

The internet can provide entertainment,knowledge and much more.All you need to do is make it happen and google can not just be your Saturday night delight but the road to your success.

The answer to all your shortcomings and recreational desire is sitting right in front of you.Seems obvious right?
The answer to all your shortcomings and recreational desire is sitting right in front of you.Seems obvious right?


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