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Steel Outdoor Storage Sheds...

Updated on August 29, 2012

Steel Outdoor Storage Sheds...

I know what you're thinking...Why is this guy talking about steel outdoor storage sheds? What 's in it for him? Well my friend, I just want to bring attention to one of the most overlooked materials in the whole storage shed category...steel. Why? Because I'm a little perturbed that more and more people are not buying the steel kind. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the "plastic' storage shed segment. But in my eyes,'ll see what I mean when you keep reading this hub.

This hub is dedicated to those of you out there that are sort of "...on the fence..." about whether or not you're going to purchase a "plastic" storage shed or a steel storage shed. While you're here I'm going to do my best to try to push you over the edge to the steel side. I'll be giving you some good reasons to purchase a steel storage shed, and hopefully at the end of this hub, you'll see things my way. Or at least consider it. So sit back and relax and prepare to be tipped over!

Steel Outdoor Storage Sheds...

OK, let's get into it. First let's clear up something. I have nothing against those "plastic" storage sheds that so many of your neighbors have. Shoot, I have one myself! But, if I could do it all over again, I would've bought a steel storage shed. Why? A couple of reasons come to mind. Let's talk about them:

Reason #1. The Testosterone Factor - Let's face it, a storage shed is really a man's domain. (I might get into trouble for this with the ladies, so ladies I apologize...sorry!) But if you are in a relationship with a woman, and you have a home together then you have certain places in and around your home that are assigned to you. As a man, in my house anyway, the outdoor storage shed is my domain. My wife doesn't go in there. She just tells me what to put in there. She doesn't have the key to it. She just makes an executive order and I follow it. (OK ladies! :-) But I digress...

The shed is my domain. It has all of our stuff in it. It has all of my tools and crap in it. It has the extra room that we need and can't store in the house. As such, it is my domain. I go in there, I have the key and I get the final say so on how it looks. So it's my shed! Like I said I have a "plastic" shed. It looks nice and it holds all of my junk. But it lacks that masculine feel that a steel shed has. It lacks that "uumph" that makes a man's space his own. ( All of you men out there will appreciate what I'm talking about...)

There's something about the look and feel of steel that shouts: "This is a man's world!" I know ladies, that is one of the dumbest reasons in the world to justify getting a steel outdoor storage shed, but this reason is not aimed at you. All of the fella's out there know what I!

Reason #2. Warranties. I know that as much as I talk about the metal storage sheds, a lot of you will go out and buy the plastic ones anyway. But let me put a nice little nugget of information in your ear. STEEL STORAGE SHEDS HAVE LONGER WARRANTIES!!! Yes that's right! They have longer warranties!

Some of you might say: "So what? They should have longer warranties! They're made out of steel!" OK, that's true. But if you feel like that then why are you still buying plastic storage sheds? Huh? What? Cat got your tongue? No answer to that right? It's like the old saying goes: " You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!"

The average warranty on a plastic shed is 10 years. Pretty good, right? The average warranty on a steel storage shed is 12 years! Think about it! You get another 2 years on a quality product. But let's talk about that for a moment.

Plastic storage sheds are not really plastic. They are a chemical construct called high density polyethylene, or HDPE for short. According to the manufacturers of this stuff it won't, "chip, crack or peel." If that's the case, why not give it a longer lasting warranty? Just a thought... Keep reading please...

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Steel Outdoor Storage Sheds...

The last reason that you should consider a steel outdoor storage shed over a "plastic" one is the probably the best reason:

Reason #3 - PRICE! As popular as the plastic sheds are, they cannot compete with the steel sheds on price. I'll give you an example:

A 10 x 8 foot steel storage shed on goes for around $400 bucks! The same plastic storage shed with the same measurements goes for about $1000! That's a $600 dollar markup just to buy plastic! I don't know about you but it doesn't seem right to me! I know that these days it might seem like the plastic ones have all the "bells and whistles" that you're looking for, but that doesn't mean that you have to be completely naive as well?

I gave you 3 good reasons to make your next shed purchase a steel one. But some of you armed with the knowledge that I just gave you will still buy a plastic one! Don't be fooled my friends. The plastic ones are very popular and because of that popularity their manufacturers can charge whatever they want because you guys won't stop buying them!

Go against the grain this time my friends! Don't buy the same cookie-cutter plastic shed that everybody in your neighborhood already has! Buy a steel one and send a message! Let the plastic storage shed manufacturers know that you're on to them! You know all about their little tricks they use to get your hard earned dollars and you're not going to take it anymore! Buy steel! You won't regret it!

This message has been approved by klw5200...(lol!)

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    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 4 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      Good comparison between plastic and steel sheds. I don't know, but maybe the claim that HDPE "won't chip, crack, or peel" is a bit strong. I believe I have seen HDPE that cracks, especially over the years in desert sun. It takes a long time for a steel shed to crack. The biggest thing to be aware of is that over time, the paint on a steely may flake or chip. It behooves the owner to coat it/paint it with something to prevent rust. That really isn't a big deal. Oh, and I saw a 10'x8' shed for sale at Home Depot for about $300. Mine cost $273 a couple years ago.

      Good article. Thanks for the info. Voted up.