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10 Easy Steps to Choosing a Mattress!

Updated on October 7, 2017
Reginald Thomas profile image

Reginald has been a sleep specialist for the past 20 years, training new and veteran associates in the retail mattress industry.

King Size Bed
King Size Bed

10 Easy Steps to Choosing a Mattress!

More times than not today, people enter a retail store in hopes of purchasing that perfect mattress. Unfortunately, they are at the mercy of the salesperson they meet at the door. Am I going to believe what this person is going to tell me to be the truth or am I on my own to guess and take a stab at the right choice? You hope that this person can give you the correct information, sell you your perfect mattress and you end up having a fantastic buying experience and most importantly, a restful sleep.
But let's face it! That doesn't happen all the time but that isn't to say with a little help it couldn't happen.
I have developed this step-by-step guide to purchasing a mattress to help you organize your thought process before going out to make this important purchase. Let's bremember the old saying "An Educated Consumer Is The Best Consumer". After reading and studying these 10 Easy Steps to Choosing a Mattress, you'll find immediately that you are more knowledgeable about mattresses and the purchasing of one. This in itself should put you on even plane with any sales person selling you a mattress. You might even be qualified to in a Bedding Store!
The information that you take from this article will be more than enough reference material to use as you listen and ask questions to the sales associate. As you go through this guide you will want to make some notes for yourself. So, grab a pad of paper and let's go!

Bedding Store

When you walk into a Bedding Store all you see is a sea of beds. How confusing!
When you walk into a Bedding Store all you see is a sea of beds. How confusing!

Ten Steps To The Perfect Mattress!

Step One: What Do You Need?
Asking a few questions of yourself first will help this party get off to a roaring start.
1. What is wrong with your current mattress? (Is it too firm, two soft we're just too old and not comfortable anymore.)
2. What size do you need?

Step Two: Determine What Type Mattress You Need!
Innerspring - Memory Foam - Latex Foam - Hybrid - Airbed - Waterbed - Combination of Innerspring and Memory Foam or Latex Foam

Learn more about these types of mattresses click here

Step Three: What Is Your Budget?
The amount of money you can afford will have a great deal to do with the type of mattress and the selections available to you. The more expensive mattress sets will be found in the memory foam, latex, airbeds, and waterbeds. If the purchases for a guestroom in the in the spring system may be your best bet. Many people who are in need of a set for the guest bedroom simply purchase a new set for themselves and take the current set and use that for the guest bedroom.
Many stores today off or interest free financing. When not use their money for a year or more which allows you to purchase a better's mattress set.
Depending on where you go, prices for a good mattress set will range from $699 and $1100. The higher-priced sets can go all the way to $5000.

Step Four: Brand Names - Understanding The Differences
As mentioned earlier, there are several mattress manufactures to choose from. So which one is best? Sealy? Serta? Spring Air? Simmons? Tempur-pedic? These five brands are national brand names. We recognize these brands because of the advertising they do. Are they better than some of the non-– national brands? The answer is – no! Many of the smaller or more local manufacturers are as good if not better than the national brands. So, if you see a brand that you're not familiar with, ask about it.

Step Five: Where Should I Shop?
On a separate piece of paper make a list of the retailers who sell mattresses in your area. This next part is important and will save you time and money.
I am a firm believer in shopping for a mattress and a mattress store and not a furniture store, department store, an appliance store or a big box store. The reasons for this are very simple. First, the sales people and abetting store are better trained in this area and will be very helpful to you. Second, the selection and the quality of bedding is better. And finally, the prices are usually lower. A local bedding store may just be the place for your next purchase.
There are smaller companies that are usually family owned and tend to be more customer oriented. You will also save money in the family owned company because you're not paying for that heavy advertising that the large companies have to do to stay big. When you enter a store looking for a mattress, unless you have purchased from them before you are not going to be too familiar with the store set up, models and don't know the sales staff but will need their help to guide you.
Be aware that if you are in a furniture store, big box store, or department store the sales staff will be much less equipped to answer your concerns and questions about your mattress purchase.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Mattress Size
39" x 75"
Children's Room
39" x 80"
Teenager /Guest
54" x 75"
54" x 80"
60" x 80"
76" x 80"
72" X 84"

Step Six: Do The Goldilocks Test!

We all remember the story about Goldilocks and The Three Bears! Right? This next section is all about that.

- Never purchase a mattress set without testing 2–3 different models to compare comfort levels.

- When trying the mattress, lay on it the way you sleep at home. On your back, on your side, or on your stomach.

- Your body will tell you almost instantly whether it excepts the mattress or not. If it doesn't move onto the next.

- Remember, by now you have determined what type of mattress you are looking for. Soft or firm. Innerspring or Foam

- Again, a good salesperson will be sensitive to your needs and will steer you in the right direction. If you feel that they are not, then this might be a short visit and you are onto the next store.

- Do not try to many mattresses – you will only confuse yourself and want to go home and take a nap!

-You will know when you have found the right comfort level because you will not want to get off of this mattress and your body will say - Ahhh!!!. When you get to this part you have completed the Goldilocks test. Congratulations!

We Are Almost Done!

Step Seven: What's The Verdict?
Have you found the one your body likes? Is the price within your budget? Do you like the environment at the store and or the sales associate? Do you need to check another store? Do you need to sleep on it and come back another day?
You don't want to rush into making the decision but you should be pretty close. And if you have decided the next three steps are very important.

Step Eight: Mattress Warranty
Many people don't think that the warranty on the mattresses are important, but they are. A warranty is based on the workmanship of that product and the average warranty on a mattress today is 10 years.
The warranty on a mattress covers any manufacturer defect during the time specified which basically covers the innerspring and or the memory foam – latex recovery. There will be a warranty card that A companies the mattress and box spring which will explain what is actually covered and what is not.
Ask early and often when you are in the store about the mattress warranty. This could be a real deal breaker if the sales associate does not know about them. As with any product with a warranty, save your receipt. I recommend that you put your receipt along with your warranty card in an envelope and place it between the mattress and the box spring. You will never lose it!

Step Nine: Delivery and Setup
Most people will have their new mattress set delivered by that company. If you are purchasing a twin or full and even a Queen set asked the associate if they have that in stock for you to take home yourself. You can save yourself anywhere from $100-$150 if you have a pick up truck and can take this new set home with you.

Some stores advertise that they have free delivery. This may be an indication that they have already included the delivery charge in the price of the set. Not good! Other places will have a delivery charge displayed on the tag on the bed. It doesn't hurt to ask or negotiate with the sales person about waving the delivery fee. If they know that this could The difference between you leaving and buying somewhere else I'm pretty sure that they would waive the fee.
Is your mattress set in stock or will you have to wait for it to be ordered? Will they take your old bedding? Some places offer this service at no charge. This is a plus! Other places charge you to take away your old set.

Step Ten: What if I get it home, sleep on it and it's too soft?
Relax! Every store has a comfort guarantee for you – "the customer". What this means is that for some reason after you get the mattress set delivered and you sleep on it for a few nights and then discover that it may be too hard or too soft, the next thing you need to do is to call the store or visit the store and have your salesperson work with you to reselect and get the right comfort level or in your case – the "perfect mattress"!
At the point of sale – ask your salesperson about the "comfort guarantee" and or "return policy" before you make the purchase. You need to know if there are any hidden restocking fees or charges for this. Again this is an area to be negotiated with the store and they need to be upfront with you on everything.

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Final Thought!

I hope you got something out of these 10 Easy Steps to Choosing a Mattress. I can assure you that your shopping experience will be more enjoyable and satisfying because you now have great information at hand.

© 2015 Reginald Thomas


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