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Steps to Declutter the Clutter

Updated on December 29, 2015
Elana Centor
Elana Centor

Ever open the closet, drawer, or even the door to a room and just think one word? Junk. We all have been in that spot at one point or another, and most of the time you don't even know how it got that bad! Having a space become disorganized isn't an event that just happens overnight. No no, this is the result of a long period of pushing, shoving, and hiding objects. We can all admit that we have all fallen for the "out of site, out of mind." Oh well, admittance is the first sign of recovery right? I've found some tricks that help me when I clean or organize a space. Dedicating 5-10 minutes doing the below steps will not only make your home cleaner, but will cut down the deep cleaning time dramatically!

-Pick a spot! It could be room, closet, or even a corner but pick a spot and don't finish until it is completely clean and organized. I like to start in the kitchen and then work my way towards the bedroom.

- Ask the question "does this make me happy?" If it does, then find it's home. If it doesn't? Well then off to the trash, donation, or recycling it goes. After some time asking me the magical question, I developed a list of things that will never make me happy. Once I see one of these unhappy things I grab and toss!

10 cluttering items that don't create happiness:

1. Old receipts

2. Stretched out hair elastics

3. Socks with holes

4. Earring without a match

5. Empty shampoo/conditioner bottles

6. Dried up nail polish

7. Stained Clothing

8. Un-needed cords or chargers

9. Boxes

10. Expired Food

-Claim a home! I hear many questions about how to make cleaning a faster job. I can only have one main answer and that is to establish a home for every item in your house (first ask yourself the magical question above before making a home for that object). If you know exactly where it goes, then no time will be wasted finding a spot for it.

-Get Rid of the Dirt! Everything may have a home, but what is clean and organized if there is dust and dirt everywhere?!? When you do clean your space remember to wipe off any dust and vacuum so that it is truly clean.

-Keep It Going!!!-Remember that if you do small pickups throughout the week it will help your home not become too cluttered and such a big project once a week. Three weeks make a habit, try to dedicate a portion of your day to do a three minute run through of each room in your house. It won't take much time and everything will look a lot better!


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    • profile image

      Tamara14 2 years ago

      Very good points here, my favorite being - clutter doesn't come over night. That's why it's so hard for so many people to declutter. Changing our own habits is what decluttering is all about. Thanks for sharing :)