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Stoneware | Pitchers | Water Coolers | Reproduction Stoneware USA

Updated on June 19, 2013
USA Stoneware Pitchers
USA Stoneware Pitchers
USA Stoneware Cooler Crocks
USA Stoneware Cooler Crocks
Quality handmade stoneware stoneware just as it was made centuries ago.
Quality handmade stoneware stoneware just as it was made centuries ago.
Stoneware pitchers come in several styles colors, and sizes.
Stoneware pitchers come in several styles colors, and sizes.

This summer add some nostalgic country style stoneware to your drink service. USA made stoneware is dishwasher safe and lead free!

Clay fired stoneware provides natural cooling to water and liquids.

Before refrigerated drinking fountains stoneware pots were common in offices and homes because, even on the hottest days the water just seemed to be cool and refreshing.

A stoneware pitcher full of ice tea or lemonade is what I grew up with. I remember the days of homemade lunches and dinners with the stoneware pitcher being passed around the table.

Water coolers make great beverage stations for parties and events. They are available in 2-3 gallon sizes.

Stoneware does better with cold or room temperature liquids. Stoneware will handle hot liquids like coffee, but won’t hold the temperature for extended periods.

The crocks also need to be warmed slowly to reduce the risk of cracking when sudden temperature changes occur, such as filling with steaming hot coffee.

These old time reproductions are still made today as they were in early times. They were popular when the heritage of our country solely relied on the resources at hand to make such things as these types of clay fired utensils.

Clay would be dug from the earth and then hand turned on a pottery wheel, cured and then fired with a special glaze in a homemade kiln.

As people learn of all the potential health risk of various plastics and metals being used in the mass production of cooking utensils, the tried and true history of stoneware seems to be once again emerging as a popular alternative.

Stoneware pitchers are also great decorator objects, whether it be a single stoneware pitcher or an old fashioned pitcher and bowl set, hand turned stoneware will turn heads.

American USA made stoneware pottery pictures courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com


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