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Different Sizes of Platform Storage Bed Frames

Updated on March 31, 2010

A platform storage bed can sometimes be referred to as a mate’s or captain’s bed.  The basic meaning of this terminology refers to the fact that most ships or boats do not have much space for a bed and a separate storage place.  The combination of both bed and storage facilitates sleeping or living in close quarters.  In modern design of dorm rooms, studio apartments, and shared bedrooms, the dual function of platform beds with storage is a very important element.  Storage bed frames come in basic bed frame sizes including single or twin, double or full, queen, and king.  The amount of storage available is mostly determined by the size of the frame.  For instance, a single bed usually comes with two to three storage drawers.  A king size bed could easily accommodate three drawers on each side or more. 

Photo by Midwest Mainer @
Photo by Midwest Mainer @

Single or Twin Storage Bed

Single or twin storage beds are a great solution for a dorm, children’s, or single person’s room.  The beds come in many different styles including the amount of drawers there are underneath and the amount of shelving that is included.  The color and finish of a platform bed can also vary depending on the type of wood used and the stain chosen.  A white platform bed with storage is the perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom because the color can easily be matched with other components or a special theme. 

A single storage bed typically comes with three drawers underneath that can be adjusted during assembly depending on which side you want the drawers to face.  Some kids platform bed frames also come with a shelving unit to store books, toys, or other decorative items.  You can find twin, single, or kids platform frames with underneath storage at many different places including the internet.  The internet is a good place to start looking for the types and styles that are available. 

Double or Full Storage Bed

A full size storage bed is also known as a double storage bed. The size is a great solution for a teen’s bedroom, college dorm, or spare bedroom. A full storage bed frame is large enough to fit two people but not very comfortably. The size of the bed can typically hold two drawers on either side for storage. Some may only have one large drawer on either side. Full and double sizes are not as popular as twin, queen, and king but they are available especially online. Check the internet for the styles and types of double or full platform beds with storage that are available today.

Photo by Craig Yamamoto @
Photo by Craig Yamamoto @

Queen Platform Storage Bed

Queen size storage bed frames are especially helpful in a home that has smaller bedrooms. Sometimes a master bedroom may not be large enough to accommodate storage for both spouses or if a guess room is both a bedroom and an office. The extra storage under the platform bed can house clothing while other types of storage can be used to store other belongings and supplies. Queen platform storage bed frames have sufficient space to accommodate two adults comfortably. The beds usually come with two to three drawers on either side of the bed depending on the style you prefer. Queen size is a popular size in both platform beds and bedding so you should have no problem finding many choices to choose from. Again, the internet is the best place to look for queen bed with storage possibilities and to compare current pricing.

King Storage Bed

A king size storage bed frame is the most comfortable way to accommodate to adults with ample underneath storage.  Typically king size storage bed frames offer two to three large drawers on either side of the bed.  Even if you have a small master suite you can still have the large bed of your dreams because the storage is already included with the bed.  The convenience of having ample storage on both sides of the bed means that both occupants can have plenty of space to store their belongings.  Some king size platform beds with storage come with two rows of drawers on each side and other come with some kind of headboard storage depending on your storage needs. 

Platform storage bedroom sets are a great way to add dual function with one single piece of furniture.  You can choose the type, style, size, material, color, finish, and price that best fits your personal situation.  The internet makes it possible for consumers to find the endless possibilities when it comes to bedding with storage.


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    • mysisters profile image

      mysisters 7 years ago

      Nice Hub. These platform storage beds are awesome, not only for the amount of storage but I love the look of them.