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Storage and Shelving Ideas

Updated on March 1, 2016
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If you people out there are confused as to where will u store your miscellaneous stuffs, which are lot in number and you have limited space in your house to stack them, then here I am to help you with some of the ideas related to storage and shelving:


Storage and Shelving Ideas

The variety or type of storage or shelves you use, completely put on it's style, and atmosphere. Some varieties, such as built-in cupboard have great physical presence and can be used to alter the shape of your room; others, such as bookcases, chest of drawers and modular system, serves more like furniture.

Here, is a checklist for you before deciding the type of storage or shelves for displaying collections with a modern touch :

  • Grouping similar objects : Always group similar objects together for decorative effect.
  • Create contrasts of color, scale and texture : Rustic baskets can be displayed on metal shelves, clear plastic compact-disc containers look good in brightly colored boxes or cabinets, and a group of photographs looks less self-conscious when housed in a variety of frames.
  • Punctuate rows : Huge collections can be overpowering; try punctuating rows of books with different objects or areas of clear space.
  • Clustering objects : When items are small, display them in separate sections, trays or boxes to give each one a frame.
  • Dead space is useful : Space which are often called as 'dead' spaces are ideal for displaying collections. A corner can be put to use with the addition of a small wall-mounted cupboard or shelf.
  • Picture display : Restricted areas of wall, such as those found between two windows, are the perfect place to exhibit groups of small pictures. Always keep in mind to store fragile items on high shelves to keep them safe, and out of reach of children.
  • Use of low ceiling area : Freestanding cabinets or chests will focus your eyes on the lower part of the room; this serves a good idea if you have a low ceiling, or If you prefer to use the space above the units for pictures and lights.
  • Low cabinets : The surface of freestanding low cabinets imparts a useful area for exhibiting objects and collections.


Create Shelves on Your Own


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