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Storage and Shelving for a Kids Bedroom - Organizer and shelves

Updated on October 6, 2015

Bookcases Shelving and Storage Ideas


Clearing the Clutter from a Child's Room

Most kids are not happy when it comes time to clean up their bedroom. It makes it even more of a challenge if it is a small room and there is not a lot of storage to keep toys and other items. Kids may even think it is fun to pick up their toys if they have a cool place to store them in.

When we think of toy storage we typically think of toy boxes where everything is thrown in one box and hidden away. Now days, there are many wonderful types of bookcases, containers and shelving available for a child's room. It makes it easier to put toys away and get them back out when it is time to play again.

Shelving such a child's bookcase is one great idea. Besides adding books to the bookcase you can add containers and storage collections to a bedroom. Using a bookcase with canvas storage boxes makes it easy for a child to put toys away and for easy viewing when he or she is looking for something.

There are many options for clearing the clutter in a room including closet organizers, baskets, toy boxes, bookcases and shelving. Shelves can easily be placed on a wall and make great storage for books, toys and small accessories. Adding pegs on the bottom make a good place to hang coats or clothing that need to be readily accessible.

There are a variety of styles, colors and options available for small or larger spaces in a house. Benches and toy chests are still wonderful choices when it comes to storage for a few toys or even use to store blankets or clothing.

There are many flexible and stackable type storage containers available. Be sure to check out all the options when deciding on a solutions for your child's play area or bedroom.

Getting Organized

It is one thing to buy storage for a child's bedroom but another challenge you may have is trying to get your child to put their toys away.

With a fun and newly organized room a child may be more encourage to put toys and books away at the end of playtime. Work with the child to teach them how to put toys away in bins and storage areas. The younger you start teaching a child the more they will become more likely to put things away.

When choosing furniture for a room be sure to measure the area to make sure the new piece will fit. Cleaning out old toys and getting rid of some of the old items may be on the to do list also before adding storage. You may just have to move out some of the old furniture and put in new things before your purchase a new piece.

Better yet try and re-do a room using existing pieces and adding a few canvas containers in a closet or on an existing shelve for additional storage. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in one day by just clearing out the old and adding in some new things.

Another tip is to add a laundry basket or hamper in or near a child's bedroom in order to encourage them to pick up their dirty clothes and toss them in.


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