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Store your k-cups neatly organized in The Happy Toucan K-cup Storage Drawer

Updated on May 25, 2014

K-cup Storage Dispensers

If you are a coffee lover, own or are thinking of purchasing a k-cup coffee brewer, you should also consider which k-cup storage dispenser will best suit your specific needs.

Nowadays there are many options for k-cup storage dispensers in the market: storage drawers, storage racks, rotating stands, carousels, under cabinet holders, counter top dispensers and in cabinet organizers. Choosing the right one for you will depend on your own specific needs.

If you are the kind of person who is interested in storing a large selection of k-cups (coffee, tea, cocoa), different flavors or brands, enjoy the convenience of easy access without the hassle of having your k-cups in your way, and is interested in the aesthetics of a beautiful and decorative design; then The Happy Toucan K-cup Storage Drawer is the perfect solution to your needs.

Functional and Stylish K-cup Storage Dispenser

Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at home is one of life's little luxuries. Coffee makes us happy! And the Keurig has made it so easy and convenient, but where to store all those k-cups?

The Happy Toucan is delighted to offer a premium k-cup metal drawer that has a unique and beautiful design and can be used with most coffee brewers.

We understand that you have many choices for your k-cup holder, and we agree, not all storage drawers are created equal. You can feel the heft of this piece, and see the thickness of the material. The drawer slides easily and the top is solid, not flimsy. Choosing a material and design is all about your aesthetic, and this drawer looks great on just about any counter top. It actually compliments the brewer, yet is subtle and attractive.

The Happy Toucan K-cup Storage Drawer - Main Features

1. Designed to be placed underneath your brewer: Easy and convenient access to your k-cups. Don’t ever need to worry about saving space in your limited counter top or cabinet kitchen areas. This drawer is able to accommodate your preferred k-cup brewer on top.

2. Holds up to 36 K-cups neatly organized: The Happy Toucan K-cup Storage Drawer has six columns conveniently distributed to help you organize your k-cups by favorite flavors, brands or types (coffee, tea, cocoa, etc.).

3. Saves more space than a vertical holder: We know that space in your counter top and cabinet kitchen areas is a huge deal. Be smart and avoid the hassle of having to deal with a carousel or stand rack in your way or to lose precious space in your cabinet area.

4. Solid and sturdy enough to accommodate most brewers: The Happy Toucan K-cup Storage Drawer is able to accommodate most mid and large-sized brewers without any vibration, instability or any other related problems.

5. Beautiful and stylish design: You are the kind or person who really cares about your aesthetics. As opposed to most storage drawers that have a plain and boring design, the Happy Toucan K-cup Storage Drawer has a beautiful and unique decorative design. It is really cute to boot and definitely has a lot of character!!


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