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Storing Legos: The Best Lego Storage Ideas

Updated on November 18, 2013

Legos, Legos Everywhere

It is bound to happen at some point in every parent's life. The family room carpet has disappeared, and little primary colored building blocks cover the entire surface of the house. Beheaded Lego men abound - it is the Lego Apocalypse. Or, it is simply a case of too many Legos and not enough storage. You decide.

All that matters is that tiny Legos cause a disproportionate amount of pain when stepped on in the middle of the night, and the hopping, yowling adult who is wounded by a Lego block is likely to wake the entire house. It is time to organize those Legos, and thankfully there are many storage options available!

Some storage options offer the ability to sort Lego bricks by size (the Box4Blox and the Lego Sort-and-Store), while others offer a durable play surface with an integrated Lego base (the Lego Storage Tables). Some bins are collapsable and save space, while others attach directly to the wall and do not require any floor space at all! There are a variety of Lego storage solutions to fit everyone's needs.

Lego Duplo Wall Unit

For preschools, home daycare providers, or for parents looking for a unique storage solution for the preschool Duplo blocks, the Lego Duplo Playwall is a wonderful play and storage solution. Each 15 x 22.5 inch (38 x 77cm) Playwall can be used with regular Duplo blocks, Duplo mosaics, and Duplo letters and numbers. Each Playwall contains a large storage bin, and since the unit attaches to a wall surface, no floor space is taken up. This storage solution is singled out because of the educational value, durability, and long-term play possibilities.

Legos in disarray
Legos in disarray | Source

About Lego Storage Bins

Lego storage bins are the simplest way to organize Legos. Storage bins come in a variety of sizes, from small, tray-like containers to large buckets capable of holding a huge Lego supply. The larger bins are also wonderful for storing the preschool level Duplo blocks.

The Lego Project Case is a wonderful storage bin, and features the head of a Lego man to identify the contents of the case. These cases can be purchased separately or in a group, and come with a free Lego base plate. A storage tower can be purchased for the Lego Project Cases, allowing for space-saving vertical storage.

The Lego Sort-and-Store is a tad pricey, but has a clever system for separating Lego blocks based on size. Lego bricks are simply dropped onto the top sorting screen, and the container can be shaken to sort the bricks into large, medium, and small sizes. The smallest bricks drop to the bottom section of the storage container.

The Box4Blox is a cheaper alternative to the Lego Sort-and-Store. This square box system also uses progressively sized grids to automatically sort Legos into different sizes. This award winning Lego storage system has rave reviews. One customer crowed, "It has solved the problem of having to dump all the blocks on the floor just to find the lego you are looking for. It also makes it so easy for my 6 year old to clean up after himself."

The Box4Blox in Action

Lego Activity Tables

Lego storage tables are another excellent idea for storing Legos. Activity tables come in different heights, and many offer built-in base plates on the table surface. Nearly all Lego tables offer a storage solution, with bins or a central storage net.

Many Lego tables have multiple uses. The Melissa and Doug table can be used for wooden train sets, Legos, and many other small toys. The KidKraft Activity Center with Stools is wonderful for families with more than one child, or for the home daycare setting. Three children can sit and play at individual stations, allowing children to play cooperatively while creating their own designs.

The two-sided block building mat by Nilo allows any surface to become a Lego table. The pliable mat creates a Lego base plate surface on any available table, and is a wonderful solution for parents or daycare providers who want to provide a Lego table, but don't want to devote a lot of space to a piece of children's furniture.

DIY Lego Table Tutorial

The Lego Project Case
The Lego Project Case | Source

Whether choosing a storage table or a storage bin for organizing Legos, the result will be cleaner (and less painful) floors. Children will be able to find their instruction manuals and bricks, and will be less likely to lose small pieces. Most Lego storage bins come with free base plates or play mats, and Lego tables nearly all contain an integrated Lego base on the surface. With the Box4Blox system, children will even find organizing their Legos by size to be a fun experience!


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    • leahlefler profile imageAUTHOR

      Leah Lefler 

      7 years ago from Western New York

      We love the Lego Sort and Store - it is one of the best ways to keep Legos organized. My older son was constantly losing the small parts, and this lets them sit right on top of the larger pieces!

    • Susan Starts Now profile image

      Susan Starts Now 

      7 years ago from California

      The Lego Sort and Store sounds like a great way to keep my son's Legos organized. Thanks for the good information!

    • leahlefler profile imageAUTHOR

      Leah Lefler 

      7 years ago from Western New York

      The Box4Blox is a little cheaper, but the Lego Sort-and-Store might hold more blocks. I'm definitely getting one of these products: Legos are going to take over our house!

    • Starry Sky profile image

      Starry Sky 

      7 years ago from Midwestern U.S.

      I am loving the idea of the Lego Sort-and-Store! I definitely need one - or two!

    • leahlefler profile imageAUTHOR

      Leah Lefler 

      7 years ago from Western New York

      We have two Lego maniacs in our house - any storage is considered good storage, lol! My feet may never be the same!

    • revybaby profile image


      7 years ago from On the Road

      I think I have permanent indentations in my feet from stepping on Legos! Good storage ideas.


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