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Thinking About Buying a Strata Landed Cluster House in Singapore?

Updated on April 1, 2011

Cluster Houses in Singapore

I first came across strata cluster houses when I was looking for to invest in a private property in Singapore. Cluster houses is a form of strata landed housing that just be right for your family and you.

Basically it combines characteristics of a secured gated estate with amenities and a spacious landed house with garden lawn feel.

Please read on to discover how I came to discover this hidden real estate gem in Singapore.

Searching for Private Property in Singapore

Owning a landed property is a dream of most Singaporeans. Owning your own house with your own front lawn garden, private parking space, just gives you lots of flexibility to customize your home sweet home.

After looking around  to get a feel of the price of landed property, I had to face the fact that landed property is really expensive. Besides my budget constrain, I was also hesitant because landed properties can have more of a security concern with more entry points into the house. Most landed property also do not have facilities like a swimming pool or steam room which I quite enjoy at my existing condominium unit.

So I shifted gears to focus my real estate search on a condominium unit that has more floor space than my existing 2 room unit. Alas I discovered it was an impossible task. Units with at least 3 rooms was going to stretch my budget to the limit. Just when I was about to commit to a sea view condo with 2 spacious rooms. I found an article on the internet on a type of private property that combines the elements of a gated community condo with a spacious landed house feel. 

Strata Cluster Houses the Best of Both Worlds

Strata cluster houses really offer the best of both worlds between convenient amenities of condominiums with the spacious feel of your own house.

The great thing about a cluster house is your family and you have peace of mind with the round the clock security within the gated community. The location is also super convenient with several parks nearby, where I can my dogs. Food is literal just 5 minutes walk away and is available round the clock (so I better watch my waistline).

I deliberately picked a cluster development  that has a Balinese resort feel that appealed to me. Take a look at the photos of our life in The Springfield. 

Want to Know More about Singapore Real Estate?

I hope you have enjoyed sharing in my real estate adventure on finding my home sweet home. If you are also thinking about invest in Singapore's property market then you might want to check out my page on Singapore property news here.

Another great thing about strata cluster houses is that non-Singaporean foreigners can buy them. This is in contrast with the government restrictions on foreigners buying landed properties. You can learn more about investing in this foreigner eligible strata house in Singapore here.

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      Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      What language do people speak in Singapore? That is very beautiful.