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Strawberry Flowers - Plant yours today!

Updated on July 18, 2011

Strawberry Flowers - What are they?

Strawberry Flowers, to put it simply, are the bloom of Strawberry plants.

The flowers of the Strawberry Plant typically bloom in the mid-summer, typically June or so. These flowers have captured the hearts of gardeners - amateurs and pros everywhere.

Different types of strawberries give differing results, however, it's the kind that bloom in June that we're after. Those are the most beautiful to look at and are the main reason (other than the delicious taste of the strawberries themselves) gardeners choose this specific seed.

Unless you've seen a Strawberry Flower up close, it's hard to envisage their beauty. Especially when you have rows upon rows of them in your garden. You'll be the envy of all your neighbors!

The Life of a Strawberry Flower

Strawberry flowers start their life in the crown of the plant as tiny buds several weeks after the harvest. To get beautiful flowers, it's critical that the berry plant be well-tended, especially water all throughout the fall and winter. If it can't find enough water during its formative growth, it will produce fewer of these buds, meaning less strawberry flowers for your admiration (and less strawberries overall).

Strawberry Flower Closeup

Strawberry Flower Closeup
Strawberry Flower Closeup

So, you've decided you want your own Strawberry Flowers?

You've done some research, you have a small plot for the flowers and now you want your own so that you may enjoy them during the spring/summer.

Ordering the Strawberry Flowers online will get you plants which are ready for putting in the soil.

There is, however, a special consideration of which you should be aware of. These plants, at this stage of their life (just having been uprooted) are weak and need all of their energy for growth. If they aren't able to establish themselves properly in your soil, they will be small and perhaps fruitless in the future.

What can I do? I need my Strawberry Flowers!

Nip the buds.

Yes, that's right, you need to stop the plant from wasting all it's energy into creating beautiful flowers.

You want a healthy, productive plant that will thrive and continue to produce beautiful flowers and strawberries for years to come, right?

Then give it a year to establish itself. It's that simple.

Protecting your Strawberry Flowers

There are two particular growth stages where you need to keep a keen eye out.

  • Right after harvest, when the buds are forming
  • Early spring - guard against frost.

Strawberry Flower Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this article about Strawberry Flowers. They are delicate plants which need a keen-eyed gardener to keep them well-maintained, but they are exceedingly beautiful and are a spectacular sight to behold.

If you can't plant them yourself, look around the mountains for wild strawberry flowers. They come in a few different colors and are just as spectacular.

Try them out for yourself, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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