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Street Stainless Steel Furniture is wining millions of hearts

Updated on July 11, 2013

Street Stainless Steel Furniture is wining millions of hearts

For development of cities and towns, street furniture always seems to be the best possible option. Some of those examples which fall under this category are cycle stands, bollards, seating, planters and more. These are mainly used for developing the public spaces in order to suit the surrounding environment. In big metropolitan cities, space is the main problem that arises due to high traffic and big buildings covering the sides of the road.

Therefore, choosing quality furniture is a must which will help the visitors to sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of the town. There are different types of materials which are used for manufacturing these products and among those Stainless Steel Furniture seems to be the best option so far. These are widely used by people as these are durable, rust free, strong and come with various other positive features.

The meaning of the term stainless steel:

In the field of metallurgy, stainless steel also has some other names like inox or inox steel. It has been derived from the French term inoxydable and it is mainly a steel alloy that comprises of chromium content as well at a percentage of 10.5, by mass. This steel is notable for its rust proof feature. It does not corrode or rust easily when comes in direct contact with water, just like normal and ordinary steel. But on the other hand, it is not entirely stain proof in nature. There are certain instances when it gets rust on its surface such as during low oxygen level, poor circulation condition and where there is high salinity.

Such steel is also known as corrosion resistant steel or CRES in aviation industry. Stainless steel has various grades and surface finishes which mainly suits the environment where the product is manufactured. Such steels are used only where the correct properties of steel comes in direct contact with corrosion resistance.

This is somewhat different from carbon steel and it also focuses on the amount of chromium present in it. The furniture which are made using such raw materials as always durable and does not form rust quite easily when directly exposed to air or water. Therefore, nowadays, maximum street furniture is made out of such raw materials.

Stainless Steel Furniture are also hygienic as they are non porous in nature. Therefore, such products are used in hospitals, food processing areas, restaurants and areas dealing with hygienic and sanitation control.


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