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The Stuff I Can't Live Without!

Updated on February 12, 2020
My must have list!
My must have list!

Hello everyone!

This is my personal list of things I've actually researched and either now use or have used to great success. I don't know about you but I get tired of buying things only to find out it doesn't work like I thought it would OR that I ended up never using it.

I've learned: Buy it right the 1st time! It takes a LOT of time and effort and I always wished there was someone I trusted who had already figured it all out.

Then, there's the things I looked up only to decide that it wasn't in my budget at the time. Then what? I forget which brand I had settled on, what the price was, even what it was called!

Now when I find something I pretty much stick to it. Once in a while I upgrade. But it really does seem to save time and money.

So, for anyone who likes it when things just work OR who finds their head spinning after reading huge lists of reviews; I share my list with you. Enjoy!

All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

KitchenAid Food Processor

Most used item

We've had ours since 2006 and it is the one thing aside from coffee maker & toaster that gets used the most. I even discovered a trick to save on pieces to wash: If you're not using the chute in the lid, lay a piece of cling wrap loosely over the top (generously sized) and place lid over that. 'Lid' and chute are kept clean, all you have to wash is the bowl and blade!

I've used it to thinly slice rhubarb for a jam I was making...yummmm! LOVE it for salsa my picky eaters will actually eat, shredding brussel sprouts for roasting, slicing potatoes for gratin, shredding veg for salads...Sooo fast & easy!

As of Feb 12, 2020 mine is still going strong! Bought originally from Amazon as a set but I think Costco has good deals on them nowadays.

They don't seem to make our model anymore but this one seems even better:

Oral-B tooth brush is amazing!

I was sent one to test and review and I have to say very quickly we were convinced we needed another. Costco happened to have a $20 off coupon so we went ahead and got 2 more. This is not your ordinary brush. We've used the battery powered ones and I had tried a much older model Oral-B before and wasn't impressed. This thing is powerful! You feel like you just came from the dentist. If you look at the reviews on people are reporting improved 'numbers' at their dentist and holding small cavities 'at bay'.

We have found the same benefit. If you run a quick search there have been different rebates out there for this product. I know it's pricey as far as toothbrushes go BUT we realized just one of us spent $400 out of pocket one year on deep cleanings.With the potential for doubling that bill looming, we knew that we could cut that in half and it would be worth it in the long run. Their new floss heads sound promising as well, and yes, Costco has those too.

Update: 5/30/12 still using and loving. Our cleanings have gotten so much easier, and our 'numbers' are improving!

Update: 11/25/12 you guessed it...still using and yes my numbers are better than they have been in years!

Update: 3/22/13 still loving, using, and still improving my numbers!

Update: 2016 We upgraded! Our older model was fading on battery life and we found these on a great sale so we jumped. So glad we did, I love having different modes, I use them often. Now if your gums are sensitive there is a gentler mode or if you need more time to give teeth & gums more thorough attention your timer will reflect that!

Update: Feb 2020 Still going strong.

The Microplane!

OK, so I'll admit I thought this was an example of yet another tool to spend money on, when surely I can get by without it. Ummm NO. I LOVE this thing!

It IS very SHARP so treat it with respect, but it's perfect for:

~grating frozen Ginger

~Zesting Citrus

~grating garlic, nutmeg and just about anything else you want to put a fine shred on.

I use it mostly for the first. Okay, maybe I'm slow, but I didn't realize how easy it is to freeze fresh Ginger (which I happen to love). You buy a nice firm 'hand' with smooth flesh. Wipe off with dry paper towel. Wrap well in Saran Wrap and then place in Freezer Ziploc. When needed open break off a piece, wrap the rest back up and grate as is. No need to peel. The 'skin' will be so fine you won't even notice and the occasional larger piece stay on top of the grater. Tap the Microplane on the counter sharply to remove what clings to underside. Rinse in hot soapy water...that's pretty much it!

(Grated Ginger is handy for adding an Asian flair to your favorite dishes OR for making up a batch of Ginger Syrup to make martini's with ;-)

Zagg Invisible Shield

LOVE them all. Shop

And I'm not just saying that. Every item I've applied it to has been saved by the shield! Increased resale value when I upgrade either laptops, phones, etc. And with full-body coverage I don't always need cases for things!

© 2009 BrooklynBeka


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