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Subcontract Form for Cleaning Service Companies

Updated on March 16, 2011

Subcontract Form for Cleaning Service Companies

Is your cleaning service company is growing and want to consider subbing out some of business to other cleaning service providers? Here is a sample form you can use it to see what is involved. This is only a sample. Please check with your lawyer to make sure to meet all legal requirements and meet your specific needs.

Subcontracting Agreement Form

For Cleaning Service


For Janitorial Cleaning Service

This is a subcontracting contract between

Contract Service provider:

(ABC Janitorial Service Co)

61 Jackmoor Road,

Capital City, Ohio, 00000

Ph: 1-000-000-0000

Fax: 1-000-000-0001

Subcontract Service Receiver:

(GMB Cleaning Service)

7892 South Vincent St. ,

Capital City, Ohio, 0000

Ph: 1-000-000-1234

Fax: 1-000-000-1235

Project and Location

Cleaning Service will be provided at:

(Pacific Market Office)

(Address of project location)

Terms for a contract service

ABC Janitorial Co will provide a cleaning service customer (Pacific Market Office) as agreed upon a contract signed by both parties.

GMB Cleaning Service will provide cleaning service to a designated customer under the direction of ABC Janitorial Co. All work performed will be done according to the work schedule provided by ABC Janitorial Co.

Subcontractor and their employees working at this location will identify themselves as employees of GMB Cleaning Service, but directed by ABC Janitorial Co.

All directions of management in dealing with office Manager or owner of Pacific Market Office will be done by ABC Janitorial Co.

Payment of service from Pacific Market Office will be made to ABC Janitorial Co.

Payment of service rendered by GMB Cleaning Service will be paid by ABC Janitorial Co. within 30 days of invoice provided by GMB Cleaning Service to ABC Janitorial Co.

ABC Janitorial Co. will pay the monthly total amount of $______ for providing cleaning service to GMB Cleaning Service.

ABC Janitorial Co will not withhold any tax required by State and Federal Tax Department. All taxes will be paid by sub contractor.

GMB Cleaning Service Co will provide regular cleaning service to Pacific Market Office as outlined on a cleaning schedule (attached).

Cleaning schedule days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

Cleaning time: Evening starting anytime after 6:00pm, ending before

5:00 am next morning.

Service will begin: January 1, 2011

** Keys will be provided by Pacific Market Office

** No representative from Pacific Market Office will be present at the

site for monitoring the site or supervising any of

contracting service company members.

** GMB Cleaning Service will provide all cleaning supplies, tools and equipment to perform regular cleaning service efficiently, with the exception of paper products, trash can liners, hand soaps, which items will be provided by the customer.

** To ensure quality of service rendered by GMB Cleaning Service, a management representative (ABC Operation Manager) will conduct a quality service inspection at Pacific Market Office location once a month. If any deficiency is detected, it will be corrected by GMB Cleaning Service immediately.

** GMB Cleaning Service Co will take all responsibilities on providing security during their service hours. From the opening of the facility to closing and turning on the alarm when service is done.

Any failure in this regard will be a ground for termination of service.

The subcontractor (GMB Cleaning Service) will be responsible for all damages and theft which occurs due to negligence of locking and turning the alarm on when service is done each time.

** GMB will make sure to pay all taxes that is required by laws of the State and City and County and Federal Government in regards to receiving payment from ABC Janitorial Service. ABC Janitorial Service Co. will issue Tax payment form 1099-MISC to GMB Cleaning Service at the end of each year service is rendered.

** GMB Cleaning Service will provide cleaning services as outlined in the cleaning schedule in a timely manner. If there is any deficiency in the service rendered as outlined in the service contract, this matter will be brought to the attention of the management of ABC Janitorial Service Company and the matter will be corrected immediately.

After two unsatisfied customer’s written complaints in the same area of concern, if the customer requests, this will be grounds for termination of the contract without any penalty.

If there are more than (three?) written complaints each month in any area of service, if the customer requests, this will be grounds for termination of the contract without any penalty.

** GMB Cleaning Service will send (mail or personal delivery or fax will be accepted) an invoice to ABC Janitorial Company on the 1st business day of the month for services rendered the previous month. Invoice date will be dated the last day of the month services rendered and the invoice will be due within 30 days of the date of invoice.

In return of providing cleaning services as outlined on the cleaning schedule and terms of service rendered:

** ABC Janitorial Company will make the payment of invoice in a timely manner, which is due within 30 days from the date of invoice.

** Payment of invoice past due more than 60 days from the date of invoice will be grounds for a termination of contract. However, all past due invoice must be paid.

** If customer makes any unsatisfied service area complaints either in writing or by making a phone call/s to ABC Janitorial Service Company, it will be notified to GMB Cleaning Service within 2 days of the actual date of unsatisfied service complaint received. If failure to do this in a timely manner (phone calls, email or fax - within 2 days, letters received by GMB after 2 days of event), this cannot be used as grounds for termination of contract without penalties.

** In the event of requesting early termination of contract before the full one year terms of contract (if not, contract will be renewed automatically at the one year anniversary of the signed contract), either ABC Janitorial Co. or GMB Cleaning Service must provide in writing 30 days advance notice requesting termination of contract and for what reasons.

If the request is not based on unsatisfactory service as stated above, ABC Janitorial Co. will pay to GMB Cleaning Service a full month term whether service is provided or not.

If GMB Cleaning Service requests to terminate the contract without any grounds of unsatisfactory services, GMB Cleaning Service Co will provide full terms of service for next 30 days with full payment for service rendered. If GMB terminates the service immediately and does not fulfill their terms, they will lose payment of service for previous service of 30 days.

Above contract terms will be accepted by both sides by signing and dating the document as a legally binding contract.

Additional Terms: GMB Cleaning Service will not try to take over the cleaning service business from Pacific Market Office. Unless agreed by between both parties, GMB Cleaning Service will not perform cleaning service for Pacific Market Office with their own name for 1 full year after the termination of this contract. If GMB Cleaning Service Co is interested in purchasing the Pacific Market Office account, terms can be discussed between both parties.

Signed by ABC Janitorial Service Company:




Signed by GMB Cleaning Service:




Disclaimer: This form is just a sample only. Please check with your lawyers to meet all legal requirements.

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