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Success in Home Decor

Updated on March 16, 2016

Everyone wants their home and décor to be a success when people come over to visit. It is certainly awkward when you are embarrassed of how out of date your interior design is. Yet, keeping a nice home is surely possible. Here are some suggestions to keep your home and décor looking fresh.

Make Room Dividers With Bead Necklaces.

Room dividers are a practical way to ensure privacy. Many people don't know that room dividers can also be decorative. You can decorate room dividers any way you like. One inexpensive way to do so is with bead necklaces. Bead necklaces that are used can be had for two to three dollars at thrift stores. They can easily be strung onto the room divider.

Use Umbrellas as Decorative Accents.

Umbrellas are a feminine article that can enhance a room. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Many are hand painted, particularly the ones from China. The main problem with using them is that an opened umbrella takes up a great deal of space. Some people have achieved a stunning effect by hanging them from the roof. Umbrellas can be marvelously decorative and are also good party décor.

Which home and décor accessory do you like best?

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Glass Bottles
Easy to find at Thrift stores
Put Marbles Inside
Source: China or Japan
Used Tablecloths are Good Sources
Assemble Them on Mantles
Silk or Linen Fabric
Look Elegant in Frames
Clear or Colored Glass
Solid Colored or Hand Painted

Use Clear Glass Bottles in the Pantry.

Many people have a problem with a disorganized pantry. A pantry doesn't have to look disorganized and messy. It is embarrassing when the pantry door is opened and everything is just thrown in there. Using clear glass bottles in the pantry solves this problem. It causes everything to look tidy and visually interesting. If you have many of similar or like items, then organizing them in glass bottles can be ideal. This is perfect for different types of dried beans and different types of pastas as well.

Antique Lace

Antique lace can be very valuable. It is also quite useful. It can be used for napkins, place settings or in larger quantities as draperies. Collecting antique lace is worthwhile since it has so many uses. It is feminine, formal and charming. You may even have some old lace around the house without knowing it until you search.

These are some fast ideas that can make a home look better. A room divider can be made from bead necklaces. Antique lace, glass bottles and umbrellas all add strong ambience. Can you make these suggestions work for you to get home and décor success in a flash?


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