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Original Bedroom Apartment Summer Decorating Using Art

Updated on January 9, 2015

Arcimboldo -- Seasonal Artist

The eccentric renaissance artist Arcimboldo painted unusual portraits -- he used fruits, vegetables and berries to depict the features of his models. His faces consist of cucumbers, apples, grapes, cereals and various herbs and roots. Four of these portraits he named according to seasons.

At the first glance, the titles appear as just another eccentricity. But they are far from it -- there is a deep meaning to this creative rampage, a meaning that touches the customs and way of life of ordinary people. For this and another reason -- that Arcimboldo's are beautiful and fascinating pictures to look at -- I decided to dedicate this series of articles to him, and start every chapter with a small discussion about his seasonal art.

Tasty Ingredients

Back to the portraits. It turns out that their "ingredients" are the farm produce and the wild edible plants that grow and bloom exactly at that time of the year. Arcimboldo may have been strange in his artistic tastes and ambitions, but he surely had a good and uncomplicated taste in food. He loved good food. He understood that good also means healthy (and vice versa ) and that the two are inseparable -- a nuance today's world's overweight populations overlook. People could not afford to underestimate the importance of food in their lives. It was the only remedy in a world without vaccines and antibiotics. It meant life and prosperity.

Impressionists -- The Bringers of Light

But let's talk about another important summer component, one which is directly linked to the previous subject. It is light, the giver of life. In a way, summer is all about the light. Impressionists were best at painting light because they took it as a special task to try to capture it on canvas, to convey that shimmering evasive quality. Some of the most striking summer paintings were created by impressionists, and we will talk about them more extensively in month dedicated articles. In the meanwhile, I'd like to mention two familiar themes: churches&cathedrals and haystacks.

Ancient Rome&Greece

Last but not least is the Roman theme. Our calendar owes the names of its months to many pagan deities or ancient historical figures. There are many works of art that try to reproduce both -- in every style, in every genre -- there are sometimes contrasting interpretations of how the gods and the Caesars looked. My personal favorites in this category are the sculptures. Or, art prints that show high quality photographs of sculptures. I think that these photos are truly inspirational in that they bring us closer to the artist's hands -- and imagination.

Stay Tuned For June, July and August!


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