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Sun lounger or sunbed

Updated on June 23, 2008

Sun lounger

England's summer is short, and my wife works five days a week, when she has time during the weekend, it is always a cloudy or rainy day. So she fancies a lounge chair which can set out in the garden, she can lies down on it and enjoy the sunshine.

When I look into the Tesco Direct catalog, most of those lounge chair are called "sunbeds", but when I search the Internet with keyword "sunbed", what come out are but rather "tanning beds," a source of artificial UV rays for getting an artificial tan!

The word for what we call a sunbed is actually not sun-lounger which in most occasions set out on a beach, or contrary, the artificial tanning bed "stole" the word originally used for sun-lounger, or we can use these two words alternatively?

A cheap polyester & steel frame sunbed

This weekend, we wen to the city center, and came by a Clearance Reduction shop, which sells catalog returned products, and we found a red colour, polyester & steel frame sunbed, only for 10 pounds. We decided to buy it, but first we went to Chinese supermarket, when we returned to the clearance shop, it's gone, a green sunbed there instead. But we still wanted it. We asked the shop keeper to take out from the far corner of the shop, and folded ready for us, he worked on sunbed several minutes, finally did it.

I asked if there are any choice, and pointed out that actually there is a dirty mark on the polyester canvas. He said this was the only one left, and if we want, "only for five pound"!

We were little bit surprised by our bargain technique we didn't realised at the moment, that is to point out the flaws and deficiencies of the product and no other choices for the shop owner except for letting us buy his product!


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