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Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball Review

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“This does a really good job mixing even the thickest liquids. Plus it doesn’t leak through the cap.”

“Blends stuff perfectly. There are no leakages.”

“The wire ball works so well in mixing my protein powder. I recommend it.”

"I take this to workout all the time. It's easy to drink your protein shake with this. Cleaning is easy too. Just put some water in the bottle and shake."

"I've used this bottle to mix many things. It even mixes the hardest mixtures. I highly recommend this for your mixing needs."

"This blender bottle was just what I need. I put the protein powder in along with milk and give it a good shake. There is no leaking and no mess."

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If you like to exercise and workout, then you know the importance of drinking water and taking protein shakes. But sometimes taking protein shakes while at the gym can be kind of hard, especially since you have to mix it with water to drink it. Well now you can solve that problem by buying the Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball.

Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball is a bottle that lets you easily blend anything. If you want to blend protein, just put a few scoops of protein powder in with your choice of fluids and then shake it. You can also use it to mix other things. For example, you can mix pancake batter, salad dressings, etc. What makes this product so special is the Blenderball. You drop this stainless steel wire ball in the bottle when you shake the bottle. The ball moves in the bottle and mixes even the toughest ingredients.

I’ve used the Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball for all types of protein shakes and it works very well. In fact, it’s the best bottle I can find to mix. When you close the cap, it seals up the bottle and there are no leaks so you don’t have to worry about making a big mess. And it’s also very easy to clean. This is the only shaker I use for my protein shake and I recommend it to anyone that wants to mix things up.


  • Effortlessly mix protein drinks, pancake batter, sauces, dressings and more by shaking bottle with patented BlenderBall
  • 28-ounce capacity is great for 8-20 ounce drinks; includes blue top
  • Stay-open flip cap, GripperBars make it easy to hold
  • Cup made of BPA-free plasic; BlenderBall made of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe; do not use in microwave or with hot or warm liquids


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