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Super simple steps to make a basic dining table set

Updated on July 21, 2016

Ever since the early man turned into a gentleman, the use of proper furniture and the rise in the living standard has been very evident. The society today accepts a man who has a good home, a dignified job, and a sophisticated lifestyle. So, there is a need to keep your homes well-kempt, and yourself well groomed, to be able to make your position in the society.

Everything starts from your home, for example, if there is some habit that you practice in your home on the daily basis, then you will never forget to do the same while you are in some party. Therefore, it is crucial to make your home and its interiors in such a way, that you know how to use them elegantly while sitting in the gathering. You can very ostensibly know the habits of a man, looking at the way they behave on the dining table. You do not have to jump on the chair when you see your favorite dish being served on the table. You must not make various types of irritating noises while gobbling the food or while dragging the chair in or out of the dining table. You must know how and when to use napkin, knives, spoons and forks, and all these etiquette can not be learned over night. It is rather better to develop a habit of eating in a proper way, by bringing home a dining table and using it.

There is another alternative to buying a dining table set, which is- making your set on your own. Yes, it is possible to make it yourself, that too, out of the waste lumber, which is usually dumped into the landfills. Although you can also buy wood to carve your dining table but, the dining table made of lumber will have unique contours and will look natural and one-of-its-kind. So, that is why here we bring you a step-wise and precise guide of how to make a dinner table for your home.

Before getting ready, steady and go, you have to have the materials that would be helping you in the process. Following are the materials required:

Carpenter Square

A right-angled steel scale used by the carpenters to measure degrees and inches.

Abrasive discs attached to Random orbit sander

The abrasive disc, like sand paper, is stuck to the orbit sander, which rotates in random circular fashion to finish and smooth the rough wood surface. The holes on the sander remove the dust off the table surface.

Pre-stain conditioner, dark honey stain, semi-glass polyurethane

These solutions are applied on the table surface after the table is ready, so stain and condition the surface and make it look shiny and radiant.

Paintbrush and Rags

These are used to spread the above-mentioned stain and polish in the direction of the grain. The rags are used to clean your hands or any unwanted stain.

Lag Screws

These are used to bind the parts of the table together to make a sturdy furniture item.

Wood Glue

The solid adhesive, that sticks the table together and prevents it from getting weak. The wood glue has high sticking properties and is waterproof too.

Drill with driver bits of 8 or 6 countersinks

This drilling machine drills the screws inside the joints and fits them stiff without much friction. The drill and the driver bit come separately, which is why you need to purchase these two in co-ordination.

Felt Pads

The table, when made, makes shrill and irritating noises when dragged on the floor. So, to avoid such noises, the self-stick felt pads, are peeled and stuck below the chair legs. This specially protects the wooden floors from scratches and is shock proof too.


The most commonly used saw cab be hand-held and is used to cut through the wood. But you can also go for a table saw that electrically cuts the wood without causing any injury or using any human effort.

After you are ready with the raw materials, we can proceed to the making of the dining table set. Since we know, most of us are just the beginners and are doing this for the first time. Therefore, it is very important to put on the hand gloves and follow each step carefully. OK, let us begin:

1. Draw the simple-most design of a dining table that you want to make for your home on the paper using a pencil and scale. Mark the dimensions on the sketch after checking your available floor space.

2. After you have very keenly taken the dimensions, it is time to buy the lumber or wood to make the table top, according to your dimensions. You must get a little more than required wood, to spare some in case there is wastage. Since we are not professional or skilled carpenters, therefore, the softwood like pine would be a very choice. But if you are planning to place this art-piece, outdoors, then say no to pine. You may go for the hardwood or treated wood then.

3. Now, it is time to cut the wood for the table top. There are two ways in which this can be done, the first one can be, you cut the wood or lumber into small planks of equal length and width. Then merge the planks together, using wood glue or creating butt joints. The table top created this way can be very pocket-friendly but requires precision. The other way is to cut or get a flat wooden plank or plywood, which has a continuous surface. This, although is pretty costly, looks far better than the table top made as a result of the first step. Leave the freshly cut top of the table overnight.

4. It is now time to make the under table. For that, you have to use the carpenter’s square to mark the equal distance from the edge of the table top, at each of the four corners of the table. Use a darker pencil to mark the boundary. Now cut two wood planks as the front pieces, that would be a little longer than the two side pieces. Now place these pieces at their respective positions and glue and clamp them. To make a sturdier bond, screw them together. Let this sit for a day.

5. After making the table top and the under table, its time to make the legs of the table. The most fault-prone areas are the legs of the table, if not cut in equal size. Cut four thick legs of the table, of equal breadth, but approximately equal length. To make them all of the equal length, just clamp them all tightly together, such that, at one end they are all at the equal level, and at the other end, we can see all the variations in length. Now, using the smallest length as the guide, cut the rest of them clamped together, till that level.

6. Since now all the four legs are equal in length, you can use the sander to smooth the surface of the legs. But do not run the sander on the edges and ends of the legs, because that will spoil their shape.

7. Invert the table top, and apply some glue both, on the top face of the leg as well as on the adjacent sides of the under-table, that are going to be attached to the legs. Now, fasten the screws inside that joint, to secure the legs under the table. Check whether the leg is at a right angle or not using the carpenter’s square.

8. Repeat the step number seven for all the four legs. Do not forget to clamp the legs tightly after the joining is done. The clamping will help in making a hard joint and thus be making a strong table. Let the clamping be for a day.

9. If you want an even sturdier table, then you can add screws on the top of the table as well. This firmly binds the under table, table top, and the legs together.

10. After completely checking the glue is dried or not, you can turn the table over and make it stand. Check the strength of the table by shaking and wobbling it over the floor. Woo Ho! You are almost done!

11. It is now time to give a shining finish to the table. Run the sander gently over the table top to plane the surface and remove the sand.

12. Now, apply the dark honey stain with the paintbrush very cautiously in one direction only. Let the finish sit for one or two days.

13. After it is dried and the stain is taken up, use the paintbrush to spread the semi-glass polyurethane shine or wood oil, to add gleam to your table. This must also be left undisturbed for a day or two.

After you have completed this, you will be proud of yourself, as you have made it all yourself. So, place it where you planned to and flaunt it in front of your guests.


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