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Sustainability and green building

Updated on May 10, 2016
A House build with straw bale and wood
A House build with straw bale and wood

Green building

The green building is based on sustainability and use of natural materials from the region where the building itself is constructed.

The use of locally produced products and natural materials not treated with chemicals is essential to be respectful with the environment.

In Mallorca one of the pioneering companies in the Green Building has been Construccions Ferrys, the company has strived since its foundation in building green homes using straw bales and wood as main materials.

Eco-construction and the construction of green homes is becoming more popular and every day more companies are specializing in this type of construction. The reason is obvious, there is growing demand for this type of buildings due to the number of advantages they have.

Currently, probably the best expression of green building is the construction of straw bale houses and light wooden lattices

Advantages of straw houses

The construction of such houses has many advantages besides being a sustainable building, some of these are:

  • Energy efficiency, large energy savings
  • Sustainability
  • Durable construction. There are houses made with these techniques com over 100 years, being in perfect condition.
  • Made with cheap and abundant materials.
  • Fire resistant. Although it may not seem true this type of construction is more fire-resistant than traditional construction.
  • High thermal insulation, which allows for large energy savings in heating and / or cooling housing.
  • Acoustic isolation. This aspect is very important for houses built in a city
  • Healthy and ecological environment. The main reason is that are constructed with natrual matrials, such as straw and wood.
  • Construction with biodegradable materials.
  • Use of materials locally produced

Building Straw Bale House


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