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Swimming Pool Design Options

Updated on July 14, 2009

Swimming pool design and construction projects require a multitude of factors to be taken into account, such as the ideal setting, usage, maintenance, and overall finances. A well planned and constructed swimming pool can add value to a property, making it more desirable, and a lot more easier to sell the property should the need arise.

Modern pools can now be outfitted with a wide ranging list of features, such as a built-in spa, a child's wadding area, wet patio, or a sun tanning shelf.

Swimming Pool Plans

Swimming pools are more often than not a custom project, no one pool design will suit all tastes and landscapes. With all projects undertaken by a qualified pool construction firm. Careful preparation needs to go into designing a pool, before even thinking about getting underway with the actual construction process.

Plans drawn up for a swimming pool are often influenced by certain crucial points, such factors include usage - is it on the agenda for just mom and dad to use to pool for a leisurely swim and exercising or will fun and games be more of the criteria with large families indulging in recreational sports, such as volleyball or water polo.

Pool type is another key factor - with an option for a cheaper to install above-ground pool or the in-ground pool which is the preferred option, offering a quality and professional finish, although a construction project of this magnitude can seriously stretch the finances. On the other hand, if space permitted on the grounds of the property, there is the all weather option of an indoor pool.

Inground Swimming Pool Design

Inground pools offer a series of choices, firstly in relation to a pools construction - materials include fiberglass, concrete blocks, gunite, or a vinyl-lined swimming pool. As with a lot of build projects the final design decision will be determined by the finances and the amount of money a homeowner is willing to splash out. Building a inground pool to complement the existing property, landscape, and overall appearance is the ideal plan.  

Pools are fun, but time does need to be set aside to keep with all maintenance duties, with a regular cleaning routine in place. A swimming pool with no maintenance schedule in place will soon result in it turning into a breeding area for bacteria. It's also wise to consider all safety and insurance implications that come with owning a pool.

It’s crucial for a property owner to consider all factors of style, size, and features of a swimming pool design to ensure that the new house addition lasts the test of time, and isn't going to be found lacking in relation to a pools depth, or size anytime soon. 


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    • swimfan profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Nice, brief overview of pool design options. Much appreciated.


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