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Swimming Pools in Home - A Pool to Cool Your Home

Updated on June 20, 2011

In this scorching summer, who on earth doesn’t like the idea of getting themselves immersed in a pool of cold water? It is so refreshing an experience that swimming pools in homes have become a trend. Swimming pool in home can be anywhere—say, on the terrace, in the bedroom, in the balcony, in the courtyard—literally anywhere you may find convenient. 

Even those who have been cynical about having a swimming pool at home have realized the inevitability of the same. It is no more a luxury but a necessity. Doctors always prescribe swimming as a remedy to hassles caused by obesity and lack of exercise. Earlier we had natural pools and ponds for the purpose. But since pools and lakes have become extinct, it’s quite natural that we create artificial ones.

Swimming pool is not just all about swimming. It serves as water view and also helps to decrease the atmospheric temperature considerably.

Different types of Pools:

The size of a pool varies from 225 square feet to 25, 000 square feet. Pools basically belong to two major categories—

  1. Permanent Pools
  2. Ready made Pools.

The majority of permanent pools are ‘Infinity’ pools. If your house is by the side of a lake or a river, infinity pools are made close to these water bodies. Such pools are to be built at a higher ground level so as to prevent rainwater from oozing into the pools.

Ready made pools are comparatively new. These pools are built using fiber reinforced plastic. These pools can be fixed even on the terrace. The main draws of ready made pools are these that they can be built in one week and are resistant to mosses and water weeds. Ready made pools are economic as well when compared to permanent pools. Also, we can relocate the pool according to our wish!

When it comes to traditional concrete pools, the size can be decided as per our convenience and preference. Usually the walls and floor of such pools will be tiled. The water will naturally be reflecting the color of the tiles. Ceramic tiles and glass tiles can be used for the same. The main drawback of tiled pools is that even a slight crack on the wall or floor can end up in leakage. This can be solved by placing 1.5 mm thick liner. The most modern trend involved in the construction of this type of pool is the ‘Sejoi pools’ technology. The pools built using this technology don’t need plant room, balance tank, buried pipe line and over flow gutter.

How to Clean the Swimming Pool ?

No matter which type of pool you have at home, the water in it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. So filtration technology is a prerequisite to be taken care of while building a pool. Conventional filters like sand filter and cartridge filter gives a clarity of 40 microns where as Membrane filtration technology ensures 5- 11 micron clarity. Compact filtration unit that can be fixed in the deck area of the swimming pool is yet another option.

Membrane is an effective filtration option that can be engaged irrespective of the pool’s shape, size and depth. Fixing aquariums inside the pool is the latest trend. Filtering alone may not cleanse water. To get rid of the tiny water insects, some chemical procedures need to be performed. Chlorine is usually used for the purpose.

Step by Step Guide for Constructing the Pool

  • The first step is to find a suitable space for constructing the pool. If the pool is in an open space, then it will be right under the sky. The sky will be reflected in the pool which imparts a serene blue color to the water.
  •  Recent trends recommend small sized pools. A 5 meter pool with cross current facility enables us to swim more time at the same space.
  •  Cross current, as the name denotes is the technology of creating currents in water.
  • You can provide the pool with natural slope and there by figure a shore; attaching a wave motor makes it possible to create a ‘waves tiding towards the shore’ effect.
  •  If you prefer relaxation rather than swimming options, then you can fix small ready made pools like Jacuzzi or spa, close to the toilet.

Shape of the Swiming Pool:

The shape of the pool should be determined considering the shape of the house and its compound. If the compound is rectangular or square shaped, then rectangular pool will be the best option. Rectangular and oval shaped pools are most desirable while considering usage facilities too. If you wish to tile your pool, don’t forget to waterproof the pool after concreting.


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      Hi H P and rugsforall,

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      It is a nice hub because it gives a vivid picture of swimming pool encouraging the intensive for a better arrangement.

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      Thanks for all of the great information about all the varieties of backyard pools that are available. Nice hub.