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Swing Cushions

Updated on July 16, 2009

In addition to comfort, swing cushions add color and personality to all items of wooden, metal, plastic and wicker furniture on a patio. All cushions are made of durable, synthetic fabrics to withstand a number of environmental conditions - with cleaning often a case of a quick wipe down with soap and water.

Having a quick search online with result in a multitude of patio swing cushions returned in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match all decor arrangements. Cushion designs include classic to deluxe bench cushions, or 1 or 2 person glider cushions, or a range of swing cushions. Browsing online retailers for a complete spectrum of soft furnishings from the comfort of home. The cost to outfit a full set of patio furniture with cushions might set a homeowner back a couple of hundred dollars - although in the end it will result in  a much nicer seating arrangement to entertain guests.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

In changeable climate conditions it’s always advisable to opt for a set of all-weather cushions. These cushions are able to cope in all conditions, be it rain, shine, or show. And the materials used are specially adapted to outside conditions, so dry faster and often able to resist the onset of mildew.

An outdoor Polyester fabric is one popular material used in these cushions, in view of the materials durability, resistance to stain, and water penetration. Wiping a seat with mild soap and water is often all that's needed to keep on top of a cleaning routine - avoid harsh cleaners at all costs. Besides polyester, other materials are also put to use, such as acrylic and cotton for some interesting and decorative designs.

Replacement Cushions

All soft furnishings are often easy to clean and washable at home - but should a set of cushions circum to the effects of outdoor living than it’s always a possibility to acquire some patio swing replacement cushions. It shouldn't be too difficult to shop for a new soft cushion for the garden furniture that's able to blend in with the existing yard decor. If in need of new canopy swing cushions for a 2 or 3 person bench these can be found in a multitude of colors, with matching pillows, that will resist all adverse effects, such as weather, rot, mildew, fading and perspiration. 

A cost effective option in some situations is to simply purchase a replacement cover for the outdoor swing - ideal if the protective cover is starting to show signs of wear and tear, but the fiber fill still seems to be intact.

All swing cushions aim to create a more comfortable piece of furniture for all those occasions when sitting outside in a yard are most appreciated. And let’s not forget that these furnishings are made with high-quality all-weather materials to ensure it lasts for years to some.


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