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Swing Set Refurbishing

Updated on July 13, 2015

DIY Swing Set Repair

DIY Weekend Project

Creating an outdoor setting area that screams comfort can be easy. And there is no better time for enjoying the outdoors like Spring and Fall. So make sure you are prepared by refurbishing your outdoor patio furniture. Refurbishing your outside furniture is much cheaper than buying it again, brand new. I attempted to refurbish my swing set. And guess what? It was a success. It’s a DIY weekend project that requires very little skill.

I began by taking the swing set apart. I have owed this swing set for many years and the weather has taken its toll on it. The swing had been weather beaten and was falling apart. Some of the pieces on the unit couldn’t even be removed. So, I had to actual cut those pieces away. Once I got the entire swing in sections I went to Lowes for replacement parts.


Where To Find The Replacement Parts

At Lowes I purchased the wooden slacks. I had a section of the old wooden slack with me to ensure I purchased the right replacement. As luck would have it I found an exact match that was double the length and pressure treated. I had the store cut the slacks into two equal lengths which was perfect. I also purchased a box of replacement screws. The screws on the original swing were rusted and couldn’t be reused. So now I have everything I need to refurbish the swing except for paint in my new color scheme.

Original the swing set was a hunter green. However, I have changed my color scheme to brown and cream. So I purchased Rust-Oleum brown spray paint for the swing’s frame and matching exterior brown paint for the new wooden slacks. Now the swing should hold up better in the harsh weather.


Completing The Refurbishment

With the swing set still in sections I began drilling screw wholes, painting, and spray painting all the parts. I let the parts dry for 24 hours and repeated the same steps the next day. Now that I have two coats of paint and spray paint on the parts I started to put them back together. Once I finish the refurbishing of the swing I decided to add some decorative cushions. The swing didn’t have cushions before but the cushions add a more comfortable feel.

The entire refurbishing of my swing set was less than $30.00, not included the cushions. What a way to save. Try refurbishing some of your outdoor furniture today. It will save you money and prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.



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