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Swords for Trendy Yet Classic Home Decor

Updated on June 7, 2009

We have a Two Handed Highland Claymore sword displayed in our office. That's similar to a sword you would see in "The Highlander" series. Ours has a gorgeous wood handle nestled between a gleaming quillian and pommel. Every person that enters wants to touch it and talk about it. Almost as if they can feel the magic and want to absorb some of it for themselves. It's really amazing to see the effects. As much as I pride myself on my home decor, this is the one piece that stands out more than any other piece of art I display throughout my entire home.

Using swords for home decor is a hot trend now, has been fashionable throughout history, and will be a timeless statement well into the future. Swords represent strength, courage, and honor. In Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arrangement, swords are believed to dispel evil and bring good fortune.

Swords are sensual and romantic, maybe because of the ambiance they offer, or the history behind them. Or, maybe because of what they represent is what makes them seem especially sexy to me. Either way, they add depth to a room like no other item is able to. They are also just a simply magnificent item that are a constant source of conversation for any room in your home.

Swords come in so many sizes, styles, and materials, that finding a sword to fit the rest of your decor is easy. Medieval swords look great with more Gothic or classical styles, while samurai swords fit Eastern styles.  Collectible movie swords fit into just about any other style imaginable. Even popular t.v. home remodeling shows like "Monster House" and "This New Home" use swords in their decorating and get rave reviews for them.

I've been shopping around for some swords for some upcoming gifting opportunities I have. I think I narrowed my search down to a couple I found at There are quite a few other sites offering swords as well, this site fits my tastes and seems to have the prices I like too.

Sword Display Tips:

  • The hilt of your sword should point into the home, not outside. This is better for the homeowner to access the sword, instead of an intruder.
  • Place the sword beside you or behind you, but never in front of you.
  • The handle should be placed higher than the blade.
  • For single-edged swords, the blade should face the earth.
  • Place a sword in a low traffic area of your home and away from the entrance. Placing a sword at the entrance to your home is dangerous because if an intruder comes in with ill intentions, they can get that sword and use it against you.
  • Place the point of the sword towards the outside corner of the room.


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