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Updated on March 1, 2016

LC2, Zazous, £419.99

Picture Parky, Harty or Frost and what do you see? Them pontificating in a lovely mid century designed classic. Here are some of the best available today so you can play talk shows in your own living room…

The classic Le Corbusier armchair. Can’t go wrong. Russell’s chair was a little different but undoubtedly influenced by it. It matches David’s hair doesn’t it? Both wonderful men, both sadly departed…

Charles Pollock Executive Chair, Knoll International, €850

Parky may have later become known for his black leather armchair but when he interviewed all the stars in the 70s it was this classic design that held those famous bums. Lucky chair.

Eames Style ES104, Zazous, £499.99

Another great chair that any talk show host would be proud to sit in. And here’s Russell again (believe it or not he’s talking to David Bowie once more, but on the TV this time – live from LA in 1975) .

Eames Style Lounge and Ottoman Chair, Zazous, £794.99

Its not a Talk show that springs to mind when I think of a chair. Its a certain Radio Psychiatrist who we all love dearly. Yes, Frasier’s eclectic apartment would not have been the same without this iconic bit of furniture and I guarantee that yours will be equally transformed by its presence.


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