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Updated on May 28, 2015
Tile Grouting Procedure
Tile Grouting Procedure | Source


Sometimes the fresh water and sewage lines are OK, but the seepage problem on the ceiling of the apartment under yours, may be due to a worn-out 'tile grouting" in your toilet. Usually there is a mortar filling (a few inches thick) under the tiles which can absorb the water entering through the tile grouting. This water can leak through the concrete slab and cause seepage marks on the ceiling of the toilet below. The lower floor neighbors come to you with the complain that your toilet lines are leaking and destroying the ceiling of their toilet. Before undertaking a total reconstruction of toilet, one must always try out this easy procedure of repairing the 'tile grouting' of your toilet.

Take a screwdriver and a hammer and remove a few centimeters of grouting. Sometimes even hammer is also not required and this can be achieved by just scraping the grouting by a screw driver. If the grouting is already decayed and its level is below the tile level, the whole toilet floor only requires an acid wash. Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) should be used and all proper precautions must be taken such as; keep a bucket full of water nearby, to use in case of accidental exposure to skin, wear dish washing gloves after confirming that they are not punctured and always wear protective glasses.

Once the grouting is scrapped or acid washed, it is ready for new grouting. Waterproof grouting is available the market in both forms, ready-made as well as in powder form. Always use a reliable brand of grouting and make sure it is waterproof one. With a little bit of creativity, one can also put color to match the tiles.

This will not only prevent water going down into the mortar, but also give your toilet a new look. You have no idea how beautiful the tiles look with new grouting and it will also ensure hygiene in your toilet.

After applying the grouting, wipe the tiles to clean them of the grouting marks. The tile grouting is very easy to wipe as long as it is un-dried.


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