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Tiny Homes

Updated on February 25, 2013

With the economy not being up to pair people have came to the conclusion to downsize their homes. This type of downsizing is not going from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house, but having a smaller house in general.

April 9, 2012 Anderson Cooper talked about families who discovered creative ways to save money. I found one family quite interesting. This family moved from their 1,500-sq. ft. 3-bedroom house to a tiny house of about 168-sq.ft. This family took this downsize when the husband lost his business. A good amount of the materials for the house was found on Craigslist. The plus side was bills dropped and they were able to put away the wife's salary every month. This new housing trend is also a great money saver.

The heating and cooling bill will do down. The family will spend less money since they have limited room. The family will only buy what is needed. We as humans tend to purchases a great deal of items and fill all of our spaces. When you are leaving in garage homes, you do not want to fill as if you do not have space to live.

I personally would love to build a tiny house, but the problem is buying the land and materials. I do however have to get over the major con of living in a tiny house. The closeness of the people who will be living there might drive you a little batty. I know from personal experience that sometimes not having your own space drives you crazy. For two years I have rented a room from a friend and I have shared every now and then with my two nieces. When comes to having what I need in the room it has fit. My room consist of my queen sized bed, television stand(with television, dressers (2), vanity dresser, a side table, a chair that holds my computer monitor, and a blue tote that holds the movies. I make this work for me. I have been thinking of purchasing a smaller bed to make more room. When you downsize your living space you must downsizes the items you have as well. I would say a nice size yard would be good to give the family space during nice weather.


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