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Updated on September 27, 2015

Want Clean Air?

Fresh air is vital to comfortable existence in any setting. Whether it is in your home living room, classroom or office, there is no denying that you will be able to work much better when you are not struggling with bad odors or dust particles and the like. Technology has made this an issue of the past with the invention of air purifiers.

One of the best brands of air purifiers is Honeywell. Their products work by sucking in air in small amounts from the space and trapping small particles then releasing clean air back into circulation. The part that does this trapping is known as the filter. Three of the best Honeywell air purifier filters are:

  • Universal Carbon,
  • R True HEPA and
  • HEPAclean air purifier filters.

1. Universal Carbon Air Purifier Pre-filter- (under $10)

  • Fits all Honeywell air purifiers- This is one of the few air purifier filters that can be used with just about any Honeywell air purifier. This is a very useful feature for users because it means that they are not limited by design on the type of air purifier in which the filter can be applied.
  • It is dual purpose with both purifying and deodorizing functions- This model of air filter has two main functions. The first and most obvious is filtering out airborne particles. It is designed in such a way that only air can pass through leaving behind tiny particles such as dust, smoke, pollen and pet fur. The second function is getting rid of odors. This is usually done when the air is filtered but is also done be adding fragrances to the air being released.
  • It has a three month interval for replacement- The Universal Carbon filter model needs to be replaced every three months. This is good for the user and allows them to replace clogged filters with fresh and as a result more effective ones.
  • Measures 8.4 by 2.8 by 8.3 inches- This small size is mainly the reason why it is compatible with most of Honeywell Air Purifier models. It also makes it small easy enough to handle during removal and installation.

2. R True HEPA-($50-$60)

  • It fits specific models of air purifiers- This model is a little more limited in terms of Honeywell air purifiers that can use it. These include HPA 090, HPA 100, HPA 200 and HPA 300 series models. These are some of the best air purifiers not just in Honeywell but in the home accessories categories everywhere.
  • It has a 99.97% success rate in trapping and filtering airborne particles- If a particle is above 3 microns, it stands no chance against this model of air purifier filter. This means that you no longer have to worry about inhaling pollen, your cat’s fur or dust mites made airborne during cleaning.
  • It has a one year interval for replacement- This is one of the longest times before replacement for any air purifier filter. This means that for one whole year, you do not have to worry about getting a new air filter.

3. HEPAclean Air Purifier Filter ($20-$30)

  • 95% success rate in trapping airborne dust particles- This applies for particles above 2 microns. This is more than the True HEPA model meaning that your air will be free of super tiny particles such as airborne pathogens and smoke particles.
  • It has a six month interval of replacement- Six months is a fairly long time to wait before you have to replace a filter. This helps you reduce the hustle an cost of regular replacement
  • Deodorizing function- This model also helps by adding fragrance to the room through the air being released. It also deodorizes by getting rid of small particles in the air that carry odors with them.

General customer views and opinions

More often than not, customers have good things to say about the three filters. Generally, some of the things that users liked and disliked about the products include:

  • Universal Carbon Air Purifier Pre-filter


-It is affordable.

-It is compatible with almost all Honeywell air purifiers.

-It works well with small particles especially smoke.

-It is affordable

- Calming ‘white’ noise during filtering


- The replacement interval is too small.

  • True HEPA


- Long period of time before replacement

-It is very effective with particles of small size.

-It is a great option for users with severe allergies to small particles suspended in the air such as pollen and dust mites.


- It is more expensive than many other Honeywell air purifier filters.

  • HEPAclean


- Can trap smaller sizes of particles than most other filters making it one of the most effective to use in air purifiers.

-It has a deodorizing effect which gives the room a pleasant scent.

-It is affordable and economic considering the long replace interval as well as degree of effectiveness.


- It is noisy.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that these three are among the best air purifier filters that Honeywell has to offer. They are sure to make your life a whole lot better by quite literally beautifying the very air that you breathe.


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