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TV Armoire

Updated on July 13, 2009

Armoires offer a versatile storage solution consisting of stylish computer armoires, to a beautiful jewelry armoire, a striking TV or entertainment center armoire to name just a few - all adding to touch of class to a room. A beautifully structured TV cabinet can often make a bold statement within all decor designs.

A TV armoire comes in a variety of finishes and styles to incorporate a Television and all associated home theater accessories into any room design. So it shouldn't be different to find a beautiful and classic TV cabinet to match all decor arrangements. This furniture comes in a range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate a standard television set to a full-sized widescreen TV armoire. Irrespective of its dimensions, a well designed television stand offers a elegant and sophisticated touch to a rooms overall appearance.

Shopping for a TV Armoire

If shopping for a rustic or uniquely designed television cabinet it’s possible to find these functional pieces of furniture at most department stores, as well a mass of online retailers that specialize in home furnishings. These TV stands are unable to accommodate the larger TV models in the market. Television sets in region of 27" - 36" often fit within these organizational pieces of furniture.

Collection sets can be purchased if the plan is to use the furniture in a bedroom, with an option to acquire a matching dresser, nightstand, and mirror and chest.

Types of TV Armoires

A corner TV armoire stand makes it a straight-forward task to incorporate a TV, DVD/CD changer, a receiver, and consoles into almost all room designs. Often fitted with adjustable shelves to deliver a flexible and ample storage solution for a complete a home theater set-up. An ideal solution to maximize space and to hide all media components at the same time in one stylish and functional piece of home theater furniture.

If in need of a specific color to match a rooms decor its an option to select a white TV armoire to black or a whole host of shades of wood and varnish stains. White TV Stands offer a clean and sophisticated, but casual item of furniture that's perfectly suited to children’s bedroom or a relaxed vintage bedroom. Contemporary TV armoire stands are also available to give a more modern look to a family room, a bedroom or to the den. 

Extra benefits to these TV stands is there flexible approach to storing media items, such as VHS tapes, CDs, and DVD all in one compact and convenient location. The ideal TV furniture stand provides an attractive place to store a television set, DVD players, CD players, to storing DVD's and all associated media items


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