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TV Lift Cabinets For Flat Screens

Updated on October 1, 2010
TV Lift Stand
TV Lift Stand

Hide a TV Cabinet

I was out at a fair and saw these TV Lift Cabinets for flat screens and my jaw dropped. This has to be one of the coolest things I have seen. To be able to use a remote and pull your TV from no where. This unique cabinet hides your TV under it and with the press of a button it raises the TV from the cabinet.

The Tuscany design offers the very same theater lift technologies outfitted in a classy colored cabinet. Its deep brown tone will instantly become the focal point of any room. This cabinet with 'Whisper Lift' technology accommodates plasma and LCD TVs up to 55" wide by 32.5" tall. This is most TV's that anyone owns. The lifting is quiet you don't even know it's coming up. The Tuscany comes with optional spacious Left Side and Right Side cabinets for exceptional component storage. Once the TV has been installed, simply plug the TV Lift control box and that's it. The lift will automatically retract to the lowest position allowing you to place your TV on the tray, using the wireless remote you can raise and lower the lift. The included control box also comes equipped with 2 switched AC receptacles that you can plug components into. If you choose to use the outlets that way you can enjoy your surround sound to and not fear running out of outlets

TV Lift Cabinet Do-It-Yourself

This is a kit for you to build a TV lift Cabinet by yourself.  So if you don't like the cabinets their are to choose from or you have one that matches already then check out this D.I.Y TV cabinet.  It's rather easy to install and it can hold up to 200 lbs.  It's operated by remote.  This unit hooks to the back of the cabinet not the bottom.


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