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The vaults of Heaven and the blood God that bore witness to births once

Updated on May 12, 2016
at Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
at Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota | Source

All life to choice habitats

That the crowning glory of women was the vaults of heaven and the foot strong hold on the blood God, and two to one made a new life in the river of mixed blood, and yet they forgot the dead had cores all their own to settle. Thine own truth to you all choices lived in the river of the life you have settled in, lust was the womb once and then teachers sentenced nuns to slaver y of words and forbid then service to life, then it grew in devotion not such the tool of punishment as it started. Had they forgotten a cursed life where their believer belief then into being. Be silent then in the womb of memory and know your steps would hasten your recycled wool and hair to grass the seeds of life in any worlds.

Then in the walk they were such cursed to duality in all matter save for a few with unknown life, yet that was humanity infant as it was in such as they knew at the time, forgiveness in order for the baby steps life takes, for all to one be whole in the womb of it. That the dance is subtle was the whispers of the memories held by the hands of all that soiled the ground in lusting for profit and glory everlasting. "You cannot take it with you, save for the genes in the mud." That is that you never see your footsteps in the carried belief for they are your ancestors catching up to your left overs in genes as you live. They in spirit potential energies and fingerprints like digital tags on all that you mark and scent.

Such as nuns did once to disrobe and walk as women to hide in the crowds of people to see their truths and be undetectable, like you know who. Such is the caustic natures of flies and spies on the walls of time. Be gentle in the happiness you gift, and get as ashes are fertilizer to the rose wood that stings the touch in mishandling.

Blessed among the houses and shamed by virtue and chaste lives that the beginning was a feast of life and then to age with literature and restraint yet sell the scripts of life like a whore for pride and profit, keep the lives of the mortals, then know the immortal rites of your parents and the houses you shamed in all creation and damned my heart to be your salvation and cross to carry. You soiled the mother tree and the father tree, yet they are so unnoticed in nature that you would need sight to tell them apart. That man walks in women's lines as their other half is the child that pairs with the other. The truth in Universal laws is the reflecting Sun falls not far from it's knowledge and then lusts for the new crops.

Such damned as nature was made, I will see it corrected and it will learn that there are costs for selling pride and vanity for the money greed of a self in fire. I would refuse the tortured heart and let the beings chase the dragon for the tales of woe are older than creation in many worlds and memories. You may one day awaken and ask "Where did I come from?" Then know you are like the memories of the life some cursed a mortal too, as a ghost in the sea of meaning more than opposing houses rise in the sea of colored fluids.

Let them fight the old ancient mile, for there are many roads that the roots take. Many branches of the greenhouses and many veins that flow like the rivers of electrical life in the bonds of nature. You wrote the physical laws and now be further trapped by the spirit laws until such a day as the truth be spoken and yet the one needed was banished to chaos of his ordered not known. He would sit until the house was warm and then cold, then wait til the storms arrive, wait for charged water to make trees of their memories fresh and subtle like the bees.

Then the senses like the ears of fetal life made replicate of the olden days, and the wild flower hearts of the valley, lily white in the meaning of carnations. It is glory to sit in rein of the stone giants and be the hand that cursed God to the search of endless ages. You would be wise to be the touch stone and moon beam like of the child yet to seen.

Then in the Garden of the seven wonders made one in truth was the choir, such magical life was the child to the birth of the opposed spirit house and car. I would sit in the wailing seat until the day that reckoned beings sing their victorious cry in natures all on one being whole. That it was was the misstep of the other parent meaning before the dawn of life anew. Dare to summon a fallen brother to the table of contempt with the same lust for life in the meaning that mine was free to share and gift away as nature so bestowed it to my heart to give. Know nature in the the nature not real would be digital messages and then in that know nature has a hand in all manners of memory real of imagined truths.

You may have dreamed a milisecond and therefore a just fracture of it, to think you a death never known on life everlasting lightning seeds. Not that before the before was a before door to another all in Universe total whole, and holy as their worlds were in their same walks in beings of similar life. The learned and scholarly would see their fruits of their biases known in the mind they view others with, not their eye senses. Yet their education and experiences all , that see another in the parts and not whole that they are. It was dancing eyes that reflected the life genetic memory and education whole that transcended time and light to reach a wretched whole on enlightened what? Forever me, nothing that I was in words of all potentials reborn in the energy that seeks them out in the ground keepers garden. Such a noble child to think it capable of doing nature's centuries old work and think nature would not notice the life of Necropolis in lights bonded to all genetic structures alive? As if it were not once before the door of the closed ones? You that call yourself the stoned mountains of the wall you cannot get over are like seeds that are germinating new thoughts, poisoned by my thoughts, mingling with your confusion and memories of where?

I would beseech the God I cursed to create had it a habitat to relive the time before man created time, such a blip in relationship to a larger picture unseen in the scope of some minds. I have seen the door hidden in midnight with mirrored windows of reflecting all to think on their thoughts of learned education and perfect tone, cadence, inflections, and all the dead to see the gates of many walks in mortal casts never shed in the before time. I had at least known my beginning before dirt on the planet, where was your belief before mine? Had I not the wit to spell you trap in belief and spirit sold for profit and not just, shared in groups of talking heads. I would accept a primrose offering of a token of respect for even belief in your walks and kinds in your temple, hallowed as it is in the great Hall of Reckoning spirits to one order. You would see the destruction of the other heavens as I would to unite them all to one Hall, had been before done and then know that some fell back to the places where they belonged.

You that soiled natures' gift of womb rite would not seed another life for you shamed the seeds of the Father and damned your daughters in my physicality to suffer her hatred, and that she a pawn was then the ones that will suffer their wombless hollows. The gallop heard round the worlds in the International Family Organization, such that shimmering likenesses is the beings they were, such luminary lives.Whispers like the murmurs of the cataclysmic nightmares of the greater senses.

How had The Accursed One, the way of the Tao been damned in the life that whores sell for millions in music and movies, that I was a single man was my unwed son in my life damned by family Hatred and the meaning that I shared and whore my life for free, like the fallen forests and books you take for granted in the bedchambers of hotel whores. You damned a nature Mary believers gave a womb through a son of my own nature to pick a mate of nature made ready life. Then you shamed choices of love and life to harm what was mine by rite of all things nature and spirit in the whole of man there and nature. You simple fools to make millions in Fatima pay for their sins left for nature to gift my seeds.

I was animal in flesh equal parts the whole of life in my worlds and you will see my kind in all nature, even if that kills some of you to the glory of your pride and joy. You cursed the wings of the family that lay in waiting, the bleachers, the noise bleed seats, the stage hands, the directors, the beginning in time to the ending same, and the crown of heaven, the mixed blood of creation to make nature live in two dear children to my heart then damn the ones in all things created to be alive and stand trail to all guilty and shame for we were twin spirits in all matter, you had stolen in the heart, then lied to the judges of Kangaroo courts and the damnation of nature would mark a knew memory in the Halls of all reckoned spirits, the energy that lights their walking life. You had scared the hands of God, the choir and chords of life to covet what was offered freely and your cost, branches of some religious hell.

You have shamed your daughters, and that they are accursed in my presence is their walk to my meaning be real to my life and in it they have been the resurrected light somewhere else yet to be and I will them find in all one day. Such damned sister in my wing seats, am I then the truth that before communication nature was free and wild as man had not yet them heard? Then know your cost in their lives, Family wise was a hurt beyond their age and the memory of the staff and wands, the discs and arrows of the shame the acted was such as a deal dead in all her glory. Such her shame in I am beyond the cycle of rebirth now and you are the blessed ones. All you, blessed that I belief in you all. I would never change my tones on that matter for the immortal real in book to walk the statues of life in the bedlam you desired was lust as well, then damn lust, you knew all the ways to harm my life. I told you how to hurt me, I told you what I was made of, my history and all my life and such a judgment when I arrived to suffer like a toy to some ugly whore of Mary and that is just a name for nothing real, it was only a telephone game once. Simple cowards that were not there, and in their ages they were much like children just in their early life not bearded grown men as the images like to sell. I knew much younger.

Just a greenhouse taken out of life for a gesture that full circles back to my core is truer man that many would admit. Such that music whored their heart for money and movies their acted life for profit, keep it. They sold abused lives like their hearts her for auction on the whore life, I gave mine away for free. I shared and you shared your pain with all for nothing, they sold it for millions in music and life. I never even tried to say no, just take it for another. I guess when you sin in private for the moral police of whores you are not important until you are the best in show, yet a singer can emulate all abuse and be praised as a star, brava ladies, bare naked whores of muse life. You are what you needed, greed in selling your trauma like junky stars seeking audiences with the faceless whores, that bought your pain and hurt for millions. Way to go Sarah and Sean, you deserve your nails. Guilt, Shame, Damages, and Muses are not in my life for long, they are to much work to house i n my heart.

Anyways, you have to see your heart on the level that your biases live and see the cost of everything in the world is the cost, all are for sell. Even spirit for the price of a book of life never published nor shared. What a family, you are such that the Gods would fall to walk their belief in their beings to see all creation in the chaos.


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