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Table Lamps – the Perfect Mood Lighting Solution

Updated on August 30, 2012

You can buy all the furniture, the curtains, the electronics and everything that you want to decorate a room to look exactly like it does in some great picture you see on the Internet, and it's still possible that it won't look anything like the picture. Know what you could have missed? It's possible you didn't pick up on the kind of lighting that they have used in those pictures. But worry not. You could easily fix the lighting problem with a few table lamps.

Beautiful lighting is an art form. Be it the way they light the stage in a movie, or the way expert retail designers dramatically light a store up to spectacular effect, lighting can make or break a place. It can make you feel confident, sleepy, happy or anything else. Lighting is an art form that you really need to pay attention to if you have any hopes of replicating in your home the kind of effect you see in a magazine.

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Using Table Lamps In perfect way

Certainly, in any room, you do need to flood the whole place with light when you need to get work done or something. A chandelier, or bright spotlights all over the place or even strip lighting – all of these have their place. when you are looking into creating a specific mood though, you need more precise instruments to work with. You need table lamps. Many of them.

With table lamps, depending on how you choose them – bright for soft, large or small, white or colored, directional or diffuse – you can do all kinds of things to different parts of your room.

You can set off a given part of the room with soft and intimate lighting, and anyone walking past would right away note that this place was meant for conversations and other such things. Choose a lamp that lets you direct where the beam goes, and everyone knows right away that it's meant for reading. Get a Tiffany lamp, and people know you have a joyful spirit.

Discover How To Choose Table Lamps

If you're out there shopping for just the right table lamps for your room you'll find that the choice can be fairly overwhelming. You can
narrow it down by considering a few practical things you have to pay attention to. For instance, do you have small children around? Then you shouldn't go for anything that could break or easily fall over.

You'll find that there are no standard heights that they build table lamps to. Ideally, if you get the right kind of lamp, the bottom of the lampshade should line up with your chin. Put it any higher or any lower and you could have light shining in your eyes.


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