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Tabletop Washing Machines - Small Mini Countertop Washers

Updated on February 18, 2012

When you have not got the space for a full sized model then you might find a small portable tabletop washing machine to be just what you need. It’s an unfortunate fact that no matter the size of your dwelling, you still need to clean your laundry which can become an issue in a small apartment or when you are on the road. Trips to the launderette are time consuming and boring and when you are travelling may be very inconvenient too. A small countertop laundry cleaning machine is perfect for single people living alone or for those on the road and are a great way to save space in cramped dwellings.

These mini washing machines are light enough to carry from location to location but pack enough of a punch to be able to clean small loads of dirty clothing with ease. They stow away under a sink, or in a closet someplace until they are needed saving you space over a fixed location machine and do not need to be plumbed in like their bigger counterparts. Their compact size and portability makes them the ideal RV size or apartment washing machine but they are equally useful for motel stays, holiday cabin rental, for use as a college dorm room washer or for any other purpose where the use of a big appliance is not feasible.

Electric Countertop Washing Machines

You can find manually operated and electric mini washing machines for cleaning small amounts of laundry. They are perfect for doing small loads inside an apartment, dorm or office where you might want to quickly wash some items of clothing without having to run down to the laundrette and are not allowed to have a full sized machine Electric countertop washers are great when paired with a mini electric clothes dryer, also shown on this page, for the complete countertop laundry cleaning system. Alternatively, you can pair it with a foldable clothes drying rack to dry your clothes indoors without resorting to wasting more electric power.

Polder Compact Accordion Clothes Drying Rack, Chrome
Polder Compact Accordion Clothes Drying Rack, Chrome

You'll want to dry your wet clothes too and one of these compact collapsible laundry drying racks is perfect for the job. Lightweight but very sturdy and with masses of drying space, this is perfect for drying clothes the eco-friendly way indoors.


The Wonder Washer In Action

These low capacity appliances are probably not advisable for use if you have a big family but for a single person, or for trips away from home, they are perfect. They are also great for laundering delicates and things like baby clothes which require delicate and frequent cleaning. There are two main types to choose between, either electric powered small washing machines or the eco friendly alternative manually turned hand crank clothes washers which do not require an electrical hookup. Both the manual and electric powered types can be used anywhere there is an electric power source and a hookup for water and drainage so if you have a sink with a faucet and a mains power socket nearby, then you are set to go. They are compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car so be sure to take them on the road with you if you are planning a motel stay or a stay in a holiday cabin which doesn’t have laundry appliances included.

Mini countertop washing machines typically hold up to a maximum of around 5lb of clothing. If you require a larger size then you might prefer to look at apartment sized appliances instead which are the intermediate size being still small compared to the full sized types but larger then these

Tabletop washing machines are never going to be large enough for family sized loads but the larger tabletop clothes washers are great for single people and maybe even couples so long as you keep on top of your laundry and don’t let it mount up. Yes, there’s a good chance you’ll still end up in the laundrette at some point but you will definitely be able to stave off those trips for longer.

They are certainly ideal for laundering delicates and those 5lb capacity loads are absolutely perfect for use as a baby clothing washing machine or for small toddler clothing which requires regular cleaning as they can go through several sets of clothing, bibs etc. in a single day and it’s not worth running a big machine and doing it by gets to be a pain.

They’re also great for laundering your delicate items like lingerie, cashmere clothing, reusable diapers and other delicates and small but frequent loads.

Manual Washing Machines

For the true “use anywhere” experience, some manufacturers produce a hand cranked non-electric washing machine which doesn’t require any kind of electrical power source in order to operate. These are user powered which typically means having the user turn a handle to rotate the drum. These are a good alternative to the electric portable washers out there and are a surprisingly efficient green alternative to electrically powered machines.

Wonderwash Portable Manual Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine
The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

Uses a patented pressure system to force soap into the clothing and get everything really clean without the use of electricity. Customers love it and so will you. Watch the video below to see it in action.


See The Wonder Wash In Action + Review

The Benefits Of Mini Countertop Washing Machines

There are numerous ways in which owning one of these compact countertop washing machines can be of benefits to your life. Consider a few different scenarios to get an idea of just a few of the ways in which these can be useful to you.

Cut Down On Your Trips To The Laundrymat

One of the nice things about owning one of these is you can reduce the number of trips you make to the launderette, which saves you time and money. If you consider how much of your life is wasted watching your clothing spin around in the laundrette and the cost of paying for that priviledge that’s a lot of wasted time and money. Small washing machines for apartments and tiny living spaces might not completely iradicate these trips but they will certainly allow you to stave off having to make those visits. Of course, you will have to run multiple loads at 5lbs at a time, but if all you are doing is laundering your work clothes after you get home, or cleaning baby clothing, it’s a much better alternative.

  1. So you’re taking a break in a holiday cabin up in the mountains. That’s awesome, but these cabins rarely have any kind of laundry equipment which means if anything gets dirty you want to wear more than once, you are out of luck. A mini clothing washer will fit in the trunk of your car and is perfect to take along with you to locations such as this. All you need is a sink and a faucet for a water source and you’re ready to rock and roll…or at least, to do laundry. It sure beats doing it hand or cleaning clothes in an ice cold stream.
  2. So, let’s say you’ve moved into a small apartment and there isn’t space for a large washer/dryer. You can opt for an apartment size washing machine or you can choose a mini washer instead. A table top model has the advantage of being easily stored when you are not using it. It’s not going to have the same capacity as a larger model, but it is a useful alternative to running to the launderette every time you need clean clothes or being forced to do it the old fashioned way.
  3. Mini countertop clothes washers are great for use as a dorm washing machine. Need clothes laundered in a hurry, perhaps you got caught up in studying (or partying) and ran out of undies? A miniature washing machine for college students is perfect.


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