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Classic Tabriz rugs

Updated on September 29, 2013

About Tabriz rugs

Tabriz rugs are one of the most elegant rugs ever made. The rugs reflect the pure aesthetic work of artisans who work hard to reflect elegant patterns. Keeping beautiful Tabriz rugs in your home not only add a personalized effect but also extend the genuine originality. Alabaf of Tabriz, Miri Brothers and Galibafi Nassadji Tabriz are renowned are largest producers of Tabriz rugs nowadays. The art of Tabriz rug making was at its peat during 12th to 16 centuries and Tabriz is considered as the oldest centers of rug making.

History of Tabriz rugs

Tabriz rugs belong to the second largest Iranian city of Tabriz, situated in Persian province of Azerbaijan in the northwest of Iran. The city has a turbulent history and is famous due to invasions and foreign occupations. Although the city remained in the state of war but the inhabitants kept the rug craftsmanship alive. During the Safavid dynasty, the city witnessed climax in culture as well as economy due to rise in workshops and better commercial relationship. This era proved to be a golden era for Tabriz, making it one of the most popular artistic centers in the history of Iran.

Double wefts

Tabriz rugs have double wefts that are usually made up of cotton and wool along with the cotton wraps. They wefts are also made by combining the Persian and Turkish knots with a tightly woven foundation. The nap is hard and short trimmed in order to get high quality rugs.

Weaving of Tabriz rugs

Tabriz rugs are full of quality and reflect the high artistic skills of the weavers. These rugs are purely hand made and colored with natural dyes but few rugs are now dyed synthetically and possess few knots per square inch. These rugs are made up of pure cotton but certain artisans use silk and cotton to make weaves. The finest rugs utilize silk as an important part for making the foundation as well as the pile. Gold threads are also interwoven to produce the foundations of Tabriz rugs.

Total knots

Raj is term that is used to denote the total number of knots in 70 mm span of Tabriz carpets. 40 raj means rugs having 400.00 to 500.00 knots per square meter while 50 Raj refers to 500-600.00 knots per meter square.

Patterns of Tabriz rugs

Tabriz rugs have patterns, bright colors and certainly great number of hues. They also have a palette that ranges from navy blue to dark red colors as well as ivy, soft green pastels as contrasts. Tabriz rugs are renowned for rich colors all found in one piece and mostly have delicate patterns having small complex details.

There us a medallion in the middle of most Tabriz rugs and medallion quarters are found at the corners. There are also few rugs that have simple geometric patterns in which the floral motif are very prominent with hunting backgrounds and vases near the edge. There is certainly rich diversity in Tabriz rugs and few patters are very unique and are rarely found in private or family collections.

Tabriz rugs through the ages

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