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Taking a look at lawn aeration

Updated on February 20, 2016

Virtually everyone knows that a plant needs sunlight and water in order to survive and flourish. There is however another key ingredient that is vital to their health and it is one that many folks are in the dark about. That third ingredient is air and not just to the parts of the plant that are exposed. It is vital that air be transported to the roots of the plant and the very best way one can make this happen is through thorough and proper lawn aeration. Getting this job done right and combining it with the water and sunlight one will be guaranteed great results.

Basically, what lawn aeration is can best be described as plugs of dirt being taken away from the yard. These plugs will usually be about two inches deep and perhaps a half inch in diameter. These plugs are made throughout the yard and then what happens is they fill with water when it is applied. The water is then allowed to soak down to the roots and is replaced by air. That air then is made available directly to the roots and the net result is a beautiful lush lawn and extremely healthy plants. There is no question that everything will flourish having received the three vital ingredients.

Many folks question how often the aeration process should be undertaken. There are really two basic schools of thought. The first advises doing the job each and every spring while the second opts to get it done every other spring. The reality is that each individual come to their own conclusion as different conditions will dictate different results. In most cases if the winter preceding has been a very cold and difficult one, spring aeration will probably be warranted. The bottom line is that the individual involved who puts in the efforts to get the job done right will enjoy the benefits it produces the rest of the year.


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