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Taking a me day

Updated on June 13, 2017
 Me Day Quote
Me Day Quote

Taking a Me Day

Have you ever heard the expression "I am taking a, me day"? Have you ever asked yourself the question 'how busy are my days"? Or " How busy am I"? If a person works 40 hours a week and then has to take care of their family when do they stop? Well when they take a day off from work, and what do they usually call that? Taking a, me day, most of the time right if they are by themselves that is and not taking care of the kids. I have heard that term used and just recently I realized what it meant. Taking a, me day means taking time, to get your stuff done that you have been neglecting or just getting out and doing something you have been meaning to do for a long time. Most of the time, when you take a Me day, it’s not just you that goes, if you are a girl you take a few girlfriends with you and make it a girls day. Or just staying at home by yourself, and getting things done there. Taking a, me day means you need to organize your life in some way and that is what you plan on doing when you take a day and call it " me day". It means that the only person you think of is you, sometimes people don’t get that. You might get a few hours but other than that, you don’t get time for yourself. Taking a, me day, is usually the day where you go and get your hair or nails done isn’t it?

Taking a, me day means just thinking about yourself, and getting what you have been putting off done. I know that I love taking me days, the reason why is because most of the time I sleep. Or just get things that I have been neglecting done. Sometimes I don’t take the entire day, I might just take a couple of hours because that is all I have. Taking a, me day actually means, you need to organize your life your way not the way someone else, thinks it should be. It’s a day where you can do whatever you want. It actually means that you are taking the time to relax. That is the actual definition when you do this what do you notice about yourself?

When I take a, me day I notice, that I have been running myself down doing limitless amounts of things and need to actually take a break. Sure going to get your nails done is doing something but it is something relaxing and that is what taking a, me day should be. It should be something relaxing and fun, for the most part. Have you ever taken a, me day? What do you think of them? I know that I have tried to take a full me day, and most of the time it doesn’t work because something else comes up and I have to do something else, that really doesn’t relate to me. Taking a. me day means doing things that relate to you and you alone, but most people can’t do that if you have families you get put on the back burner. When I take a, me day, I usually just relax watch, movies, clear my head and maybe do some laundry. Sometimes I will even go out for coffee with someone. That is what taking a, me day, consists of for me.

Everyone’s versions of me days are different because people aren’t the same. Although in the end the purpose of everyone’s, Me days are usually the same, aren’t they? The purpose of a "me day" is usually to organize the unorganized parts of your life. Like doing laundry or cleaning or even just writing a to- do list. Sometimes relaxing and clearing your head works too, for taking a, me day that is. Everyone’s versions of Me days is different some people might not have an entire day dedicated to what they want to get done, they might just have bits and pieces which are fine as long as part of their day is dedicated to them. Which is good, because you can’t forget about yourself. Some people do forget about themselves and then when they realize it they are run down and can’t be bothered. That is never good.

Take a day just for you

What do you think of the meaning of, me days have you ever taken one? Taking me days are beneficial for not only you but the people around you. Why? If you take a, me day occasionally you are usually more relaxed with what you do, because you can think of different things occasionally. That is why taking a, me day is beneficial everyone needs a different mindset at one point in their life. So why not take me, day and see how beneficial it is for you and the people around you. What does taking me day actually mean? It means you need a break from whatever it is you are doing and doing something that benefits you is the way you are doing it.

When you take a day for yourself, it can feel limitlessly relaxing because you don't have to answer to anyone just do what you feel like doing on no schedule because you are the one in charge. Sometimes we need to do that, go away from everyone and everything and focus on ourselves for a limitless amount of time.

Taking a day for yourself can bring about limitless possibilities. You can think of limitless things that you want to do in life and write them down or do a limitless number of things that you wouldn't normally do because you just don't have the time with other people around but now you do because you are by yourself.

Have you ever just went somewhere by yourself, and did what you wanted without having to be told what to do? That is taking a day for you, which we should do at least once a month in my opinion. The reason why I say once a month is because if we don't take some time for ourselves once a month we will be stressed out and feel like we are running on empty with everything that we have to do. So we need to take some time for ourselves to organize our lives and relax maybe even change our mindset depending on what is going on in our lives. That is what taking a me day is all about.

Happy Me Day
Happy Me Day

Why should me days exist?

Days just for you should exist because we all need to be alone at one point or another. We all need to do things that benefit us as well as the people around us which means if we take a day just for us we will be better apt to deal with what goes on in our lives if we take days for ourselves just to regroup and relax.

Have you ever taken a day just for you? What does it consist of? Let's discuss

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