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Tampa Roof Cleaning Companies Battle It Out

Updated on March 22, 2011

If you’re a roof cleaner or have any sort of background in the industry whatsoever then you’re aware of that hotbed of activity in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Roof cleaning in Tampa is like trying to become an actor in Hollywood; it’s where all the action is but there are sharks in the water and the competition is fierce.  So if you’re thinking about moving to this Mecca of roof stain cleaning just weigh these pros and cons first, alright?

First the pros because I hate being a downer right off the bat.  Let’s face it – there is money to be made in the Tampa roof cleaning scene.  Why?  Well, for one, almost everybody has roof stains because of  the dang heat and humidity.  That means almost every single homeowner in the area has a need for your services.  How’s that for a target-rich environment?  Second, most of these people are already aware that roof cleaning services exist and are already pre-sold on the idea.  

They just know that it’s something that needs to be done occasionally, not unlike carpets or concrete.  This might not seem like a big deal, but ask any roof cleaner up north and he’ll tell you what a pain in the butt it is to have to educate the public that roof cleaning even exists at all.  Most people north of the Florida panhandle hear the words “roof stain removal” and assume your talking about dental work.  They are clueless.  And clueless does not a paying customer make.  The other nice thing about starting a roof cleaning business in Tampa is that you can work year round.  In the north and midwest those guys are lucky to get seven months of work out of every calendar year.  That means a whole winter of plowing snow or who knows what else.  In addition, the chlorine is dirt-cheap down in Florida as you might have expected.  Lots of pools equals low-priced sodium hypochlorite.

Now for the cons. While you might be able to do decent volume in the Tampa roof cleaning market due to the “pros” outlined above, your prices might be a tad lower than in other parts of the country due to greater competition. Every Joe and his cousin has a roof cleaning “business” in this neck of the woods, and every summer new people move into the territory looking to siphon off even larger chunks of the available jobs. This creates something of a cutthroat environment, as you might imagine, with everybody looking to undercut the other guy. Yes, it can get a little scary. Supply and demand comes into play here, and you'd be wise to take that into consideration.  You might run into the occasional jerk competitor who tries to undercut your business with illegal methods or just bad manners (I've heard stories of guys dumping bleach in a yard at night after someone else has cleaned the roof just to try to make them look like they didn't rinse down the chemical enough) but by and large you'll find that most roof cleaners in the south are good guys and some will even give you tips and advice if you're in a different city.

Guess what?  That’s it for the cons!  Yes, I’m telling you that starting a roof cleaning business in Tampa actually makes good sense for someone who is bright, ready to work hard, and unwilling to sacrifice his ethical standards.  You’ll find that most of the other roof cleaners in Florida will respect you if you respect them.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to put down that drink and get out the ladders.  There are roofs to be cleaned and customers to be pleased in Tampa, Florida.


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