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Tank Nanny

Updated on October 17, 2010

Tank Nanny, a simple solution to a common problem

Looking forward to having barbeques this summer? The one draw back is running out and getting a refill with your propane tank. Getting the propane isn’t the problem, its carry the tank back and forth in your car. It rolls around your car, bouncing all around the interior of your car. I have found something that will make it easier this year to transport a propane tank. It’s called the Tank Nanny.

The Tank Nanny is a very simple solution to those problems we have all had but did nothing about. What the Tank Nanny does is secure your propane tank in a car set while transporting it. We have all tried to use the seat belt, move the seat forward or back to try to pin the tank so it doesn’t move. Worse is when you put it in the trunk of your car and you hear it roll and hitting who knows what back there. Another thing, by using the Tank Nanny, you don’t have to worry about rust from the tank staining your car either. Not only that, tanks do get dirty, so by using this, it will help keep your car clean too.

How the Tank Nanny Works

Picture a huge dog dish secures to a car seat with the seat belt. That is essentially what the Tank Nanny is. Absolutely brilliant! A simple remedy to a problem we have all had to deal with.

The Tank Nanny is made of 80% recycled plastic and comes in many colors. You should be able one to match the interior of your car. It only weighs about 4 pounds so anyone can quickly set it up in their car. There is no assembly, bolts screws or what have you to install. You can either place it on the seat of the car and use a seatbelt to secure it, or just place it in the cargo area of your SUV to hold the tank securely while driving.

Not only can you use it to transport a propane tank, you can use it to secure the tank when you bbq or use it for a heat source. On my bbq, I need to get under it, unscrew the old tank from the base of the bbq to replace it. It’s a real pain. By using the Tank Nanny, I just place it under the bbq or next to it and will remain standing up securely. No more worries about it tipping over or it getting knocked over.

When the Tank Nanny is not in use in your car, it can be used to hold groceries or water bottle or whatever you have in your car that tends to roll around.

Another propane accessory you should look at is a propane gauge. You just connect this between your tank and hose and the easy to read gauge tells you how much propane gas you have left in your tank. No more suddenly running out of propane in the middle of a cookout.

Amazon has the best prices on them.


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