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A Teal Duvet Cover for a Unique Bedroom

Updated on March 21, 2011

Teal Duvets

Why Choose A Teal Duvet

A teal duvet or teal duvet cover is the perfect way to create a modern bedroom or even a retro bedroom. Not only will this color duvet protect your bedding it will also be able to transform a boring bedroom from boring to interesting.

A teal duvet does not just have to be a plain solid colored cover with only the classic bluish green color of teal. Artwork, patterns, and prints can also be added to the teal duvet to add more design to the bedroom. It's a wonderful, rich and elegant color to choose for the bedroom, whether it is a pure medium-dark teal or a teal mixed with white forming an either turquoise or aquamarine color.

A teal duvet cover can be used no matter the type of flooring that is already present in the home unless you have maybe an orange carpet. This is the only flooring that you need to worry about matching with is the rugs. But the good news is teal will match with most rugs and carpets, especially if you have very neutral toned carpeting like beige, cream, or brown.

Why Use A Teal Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is very important for your bedroom, even if it is not a teal duvet. A duvet cover serves as protection to a duvet blanket or comforter. They are much more inexpensive than a duvet cover, and if they are ruined, they can easily be replaced.

Many people like to cover their duvet with a different duvet cover during the different seasons. Some people, like me, even have a different type of duvet for the seasons. I like to use a teal duvet during the springtime or early fall if it is dark, a white duvet cover during the summer, a black duvet during the winter, and a dark orange duvet or dark teal duvet during the fall months.

Another advantage of having a duvet cover on your bedding is that it can easily be cleaned and dried. There is no need to bring the duvet to the dry cleaner if you have a cover, which can save you lots of money and also plenty of time. Just be sure to buy a teal duvet cover that is machine washable unless you don't mind having it dry cleaned.

I found that there are more teal duvets online than you can ever find in stores, and the pricing seems always very good. Two good places to shop online are and eBay. They both have low prices and a large selection.

Teal Duvet
Teal Duvet


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