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Teal Lamp

Updated on March 21, 2011

Home Lighting

The teal lamp that you choose for your home should be able to compliment the existing style or theme of the room. You do not want to place a lamp fixture in your home that clashes with other items in the room. If you do then the lamp will just look out of place.

Not only do you have to take the teal color into account when adding a lamp to the room, you must also take the lamp style. You would not want to add a bulky large teal floor lamp to a modern themed room that has clean lines. You will want to ensure that the lamp style fits with other items in the room.

One of the most important features in a teal lamp or any lamp for that matter is the height of the lamp. If you are putting the lamp on an end table, the rule of thumb is that the light bulb should come to ear height when a person is sitting with their back straight against the couch or chair.

Teal Decor

There are many items that are the color teal that you can add to your home to brighten up the feel of the house. A teal lamp shade is one of these items. no matter if you are creating a retro living room or a country themed bedroom this color lamp can be the perfect addition to any home.

A lamp is a very common item in a house, they are used for general lighting purposes and specialty lighting for such tasks as reading. No matter the room, you probably already have at least one lamp already present. A teal lamp can give a room a whole new sense of design with its hip bold color.

Teal used to be thought of as a color from the nineteen seventies, while teal was used a lot during this time period for decor, it still has its place in modern day homes. Teal can be a very artistic way to add a lamp to your home. For a large selection you can always try shopping online at or eBay.

teal lamp
teal lamp

Types of Teal Lamps

There are many styles of teal lamps that you can choose from. Teal table lamps are meant to be put on end tables or night stands. Teal lava lamps are meant to be added to a room for decorative purposes. Teal floor lamps can be used in areas like behind couches and chairs for extra lighting.


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