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Teal Sheets

Updated on March 21, 2011

Teal Sheets the Perfect Retro Bedding

Are you looking to create a bedroom with a retro feel? Than you may want to consider using teal sheets for your bedding. Teal sheets can be used in any bedroom that needs a splash of color and not just for use in retro themed bedrooms. Although a retro themed bedroom is an awesome way to add spice to any bedroom.

This hub will be a how to create a retro themed bedroom with the use of teal sheets and bedding. If the thought of a retro bedroom sounds good to you but you do not want to sleep in the seventies every night, you may want to consider decorating a spare bedroom into a retro room.

When designing the retro bedroom the main thing that you will want to focus on is the bedding. Look for colors that really pop, like yellows, oranges, and of course teal. I suggest using teal sheets and then overlay them with a yellow comforter and orange pillows or shams.

More To Teal Than Meets The Eye

Now that you have the bedding all set, we need to look at other areas of the room. A modern television will look of place. If you can find an old working console use that or no television at all.

Nightstands can be decorated with retro lamps or a lava lamp. Consider using an old school alarm clock that uses bells instead of the new digital kind.

Another great place to use teal sheets and other retro bedding items is in a baby's bedroom. A retro style nursery can make for comfortable bedroom for the baby and also be mentally stimulating with all of the bright colors and patterns.

When shopping for teal sheets and other retro bedroom items the best place to shop may be on-line and more specifically eBay. On the world's largest auction site you can find great deals on retro items and new items alike. also has a nice selection of teal sheets.

teal sheets
teal sheets


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