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Teal Throw Pillows

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Beauty of Teal

Using teal throw pillows to accent a couch, bed or chair can be the color to brighten a room. Throw pillows are used to personalize or accent a piece of furniture with another color. Throw pillows can be completely stitched around or you can find throw pillow covers that can be used to cover the throw pillow in a color or design which are called shams.

The throw pillow or case is stuffed with a soft material like cotton or sometimes foam. It is used for adding decor to a room or as support for the head while sleeping or the back while sitting in a chair. Usually however throw pillows are only used as a way to add color or some other design to the piece of furniture that it rests upon. The teal throw pillow or pillow case can be found in a variety of styles and sizes.

Teal Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can contain unique designs or even photos. commonly designs or logos are embroidered onto the throw pillow. Throw pillows are commonly found with fringe or tassels to add a bit extra to the pillow. The material the throw pillow can be made from is very vast. You can find them made from velvet, cashmere, cotton, wool, basically any type of material can be made into a throw pillow.

Teal throw pillows can be found online or in most retail stores. Another way to have a beautiful throw pillow in your home is to make it yourself. Basic throw pillows are perfect projects for beginning sewers. If you have style throw pillow in mind but do not have the skills necessary to make it yourself you can find places that will custom make a throw pillow, with you providing the photo or idea for the pillow.

If you prefer to shop online both and the world's largest auction site eBay have a wide selection of teal throw pillows.

teal throw pillow
teal throw pillow


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