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Metal and Wooden Television Trays - Folding TV Tray Tables

Updated on February 17, 2012

No matter how beautiful your home or how luxurious your dining room, there are always those times when you just want to chill out and relax in front of the TV when you eat your meals. Folding television trays are ideal for just this purpose, in fact as the name implies, it’s exactly what a TV tray was designed for! Oh and don’t mistake modern wood and metal TV trays for those old rickety things grandma used to own back in the 70’s as things have moved on greatly since then. Now, you will find attractive, sturdy wooden and metal versions in a variety of styles to suit all homes.

Sturdy Wooden TV Tray Table Sets

The most popular are foldable wooden TV tray tables which either come as single units or as part of set of four with a stand for neat and tidy storage when not in use. The wood dinner tray tables fold up and lock in place and are lightweight and portable enough to pull out or stow away with ease as and when you need them.

Stained and natural wood TV table sets are made from a variety of different materials with some of the most popular being oak, pine, beech, mahogany, walnut, acacia or black laquered styles. These are a popular choice as they can be bought to match existing furniture so as not to look out of place amongst the rest of your home décor.

Collapsible Television Trays are Versatile

The nice thing about all of these products is that they are very versatile and need not be used just for one purpose as their design makes them perfect for all manner of activities. You can use them as a meal or quick folding snack tables. Or you can use one for crafts, paying bills, letter writing, homework, or as a convenient sturdy platform for drinks and all manner of things where a small folding table for occasional use would come in handy.

Collapsible television trays come in a variety of styles to better suit different purposes. The simple mini table is a nice easy storage, quick access platform for when you need it but some of the other designs have some nice additional features. For example, when not in use, they are typically stored in a little used corner of the room. Some of these also have additional storage features like a magazine rack built in for added storage. Others feature tops with a lip to prevent spillage or food hitting your carpet should someone nudge or bump it.

Lap Trays and Dinner Serving Tray Sets

Of course, if you haven’t the room for a folding personal table then you might like to consider stylish metal or wooden lap trays instead. These sets are designed to either fit over your legs to sit in your lap and are again ideal for vegging out in front of the goggle box whilst you eat a quick snack or a full blown dinner as well as for doing small craft projects etc. Small portable dinner servers like these are often found many styles from plain wooden to decorative sets with a variety of scenes and motifs imprinted upon them…much like placemats for dining tables.

You can also find laptop computer trays too designed specifically for use by laptop users sitting on a couch or other form of seating where it would otherwise be uncomfortable to use a portable computer or where it would at least be easier. These are made to make sitting with the notebook computer actually in your lap more comfortable and to help you maintain correct posture whilst doing so for your own future good health.

Finally, for the ultimate experience consider purchasing a breakfast in bed tray so you can enjoy lazing in the comfort of your own bed whilst you eat breakfast (lunch and dinner too if you like!) someone else prepared for you. These sturdy mini tables feature legs to go over your lap as you sit up in bed and have a lip to prevent any slippage on this more unstable surface.

Portable TV trays have moved on from the rickety, shaky, unstable ones of your youth and are now an incredibly useful piece of home furniture you will not believe you survived without once you buy one. So, well….go on! Buy a set today, you will not be sorry.

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