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Ten Best Colors to Paint Your House This Year

Updated on April 20, 2015

How to do a wonderful job painting houses, cottages and towns on rocks. Find out some interesting info on this hobby

The ultimate colors for the new year are great for resale value

When choosing what colors to put into a house various things go through your mind. You consider your favorites, your tastes, what is currently popular and even what works for increasing the value. For an example, if resale is fairly soon make certain the colors chosen will work in your favor for staging well and making a quick sale.

Whether it is simply time for an upgrade, staging a home for sale or moving into a new home where your taste need to show, using the right hues and shades make a world of difference. The New Year is bringing lots of positive changes in this arena. Last year had lots of pops of various colors and accent shades with a WOW factor.

Cooler colors and tints will be on inside walls with colorful accents. Surprisingly more whites and cooler grays made their way back in with colors that highlight for the next 12 month cycle. Outside paint is leaning towards darker or bold shades of green and gold. Charcoal is also trendy. There are not lots of dramatic modifications to what went on last year, but they do have some variations that are exciting to see.

  1. Grays-inside

Grays are really trendy and modern in designing interior walls today. The most appealing are lighter tints with bluer undercurrents. It is a suggestion for almost any room but dining or sitting rooms work the best.

Historically homeowners used it for smaller rooms to give the allusion of space and area. Though, it has a nice feel in larger more spacious areas with the new hues and undertones available.

The open space concept design in many homes means if the living room is a certain color the kitchen will also have the same or at least traces of it with other shades to compliment. Consider this when deciding on a cooler gray for certain inside walls.

  1. White-inside

There is never a paint sold which will be simply white. There are various shades and tints of this basic blend. The emphasis on this kind of paint is working with ceilings for the most part. If you have a room with tons of light you will have the ability to work the ceiling and walls in the same white hue. A smaller space will do well with a simple white ceiling.

Hundreds or even thousands of options of the color white are in the market today. Countless designers admit trying one with an undertone that works to add taste and smartness to the shade of furniture and floor design in the same space.

If your thing is bright and vibrant and white simply doesn’t do it for you look at another option. Think about a great white for the walls while gaining your fix for vibrancy from other objects in the same room.

  1. Emerald-inside

    Numerous people see the word emerald and think green. This is a particular shade of green all to itself. Consider the precious stone found in rings and other jewelry and choose one shade close to what you visually see in these stones

    This color brings to mind sophistication and class no matter what room you find it in. Runways, dresses and other design material around the world all invested in this color. If you shy away from anything bright, this will not be the one for you. Adding a little bit of this color here and there in a room could work out well.

  2. French gray-inside

    This is outside of the usual greys which offer a lighter and airy feeling. The French gray is relatively darker and more inclined to compliment a bedroom setting. Although darker than similar shades, it still feels warm.

    The warm and relaxing feeling is what makes it ideal for bedrooms.

  3. Peacock-inside

    Do not let the name scare you away. This is a shade lighter than teal. Neutrals work out well with this hue. Mix and match with greys and whites for an interesting combination for inside walls.

    This refined color was literally inspired by the bird itself. Peacock is a unique name, but really works for the paint.

There is an enormous color palate to select options from

White works best in rooms with lots of light sources.
White works best in rooms with lots of light sources. | Source
The purple used in a smaller room is doable. If you shy away from these bright colors, try using them for accents instead.
The purple used in a smaller room is doable. If you shy away from these bright colors, try using them for accents instead. | Source
  1. Chocolate-inside

    Chocolate is not brown. It is a hue spurred by brown. It is a deep shade of brown which is used to set off bright colors. Along with making brighter colors it combines with work well, it makes a warm feel warm and comfortable. Stress free and relaxed area adjectives associated with this particular tint.

  2. Purple-inside

Working on the premise this is an accent color has turned people away from all it will truly do for your home. Adding purple to splash up the walls is a terrific idea. In fact, Radiant Orchid is named the official color for next year. Purple with pink undercurrents along with fuchsia are all around this color wheel to make walls stimulate the imagination and put a sparkle in the eye.

If you are unsure about how much you will come to love purple painted walls, try a small room out for the heck of it. The bathroom or hallway is small enough to see what it will do to fire you up or if it simply will not be the one to trigger your fancy.

  1. Natures Green-outside

Outside of the house is a larger decision than a couple of walls. Take into account your roof, other houses in the neighborhood and something you will be able to live with for some time to come. Most homeowners do not paint the outside of the entire house on an annual basis. Some will live in a house for several years and sell it without ever painting the exterior of a house.

This shade connects with outside by aligning with nature. Trees and grass are color contrasted enough with it to not make it garish. It is elegant in the softness it alludes to match any landscape and any size lot.

  1. Gold-outside

    Going with gold for the outside is recommended as a great color for the coming year. However, go with a soft flash of this one. Lots of upscale neighborhoods have increased the number of houses painted with the soft gold exterior idea.

  2. Charcoal-outside

This is a branch off of the color black. More homeowners have become fond of this paint for outside of the home. Beware, darker colors like charcoal will make a home seem more dated than a lighter shade. When considering resale value and equity a second choice is more beneficial. Designers and home stagers admit this is equated to the dark brown exteriors of many of the older and outdated home seen in millions of neighborhoods.

In conclusion

These are the hottest colors for the coming year. Although you have your own palate of colors you savor, consider using some of these for a nice change. Investing in your home is a smart move along with making you feel excellent about the work you did.

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Getting the work done yourself is not as difficult as you imagine

Clear out the entire room before you start painting.
Clear out the entire room before you start painting. | Source

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