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Freshen your house In just 35 minutes!

Updated on January 28, 2013

So It happens to us all, we walk in our house after a long day. It's dusty and stale how can we spruce it up under an hour?

There is a stale smell in the air not stinky... not pleasant... Just stale. well we can use these ten simple things to freshen our house and make it cleaner fast. The trick is not spending more that 7 min on a task.

1. Fabric softer drying sheets, Place one in the vent through the house if the heat or air is on. If not put one on your fan automatically your house smells like clean clothes. You can do a dance with snuggle but, not to soon. we have a few more things to do.

2. Vacuum... Yes the carpet smells like what the cat drug in so get it off! I suggest a carpet freshener (arm and hammer) makes a great one.

3.If you have a up stairs down stairs. Start in one room and one at a time throw everything that goes up stair in a pile once you walk through the down stairs take it upstairs and put it where is goes.. If you have children this is when you have them come get their own stuff!

4. Okay kitchen your mine.. Make it a game if you have dirty dishes you have less than seven minutes to wash them and wipe off the counters. Time yourself you can do it!

5. Take a rag walk through wipe the dinning room table. Done. not perfect but it smells good and feels cozy. now take the next 25 to yourself.. Ummm you did it!


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