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Ten Local Sights More Entertaining Than Anything On TV

Updated on June 15, 2020

A Perfect Day For a Felling


Since there are no sports to watch and I have grown tired after dozens of reruns, TV has offered me little relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nor is there any relief by viewing the daily news, unless you have a sick and insatiable desire to watch ceaseless protests in nearly every city in the United States.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have found more viewing entertainment outside of the TV. Actually, it has come outside of the home as well, though not beyond my own little town.

Here are seven activities, each one better than any ball game or sitcom, which I have enjoyed as a spectator so far this month.

1. The professional felling of my neighbor's tree
The timber company arrived at ten, at which time I placed my lawn chair in my back patio. I watched entranced as the trio of men arranged ropes and ladders, while one of them ascended the tree toting a chainsaw. They took a break for lunch, as did I, but we were all out there again until the mighty tree crashed just inches from the fence marking the property line.

2. The procedure of transferring a big boat from truck trailer to lake
During a respite of a bicycle ride at the state park, I found delight in watching two fellows navigating their contraption from a backed- in Ford onto a dock.

3. The unrolling of a tarp in order to cover a baseball field
Even though no professional baseball is being played, grounds crews apparently still have to protect the field from the elements. As I was riding my bicycle across a downtown bridge shortly before noon, I paused to appreciate the precision and care involved in placing a protective layer on the sacred ground of America's pastime.

4. The maneuvering of a semi backing into a small dock
Our town grocery store has a small loading door in the rear, and I did not until yesterday realize just how small it is. I watched in fascination as a semi not only backed its way perfectly through the winding narrow access from the parking lot, but also until its descent finally obscured the tiny loading dock.

5. The loading an automobile onto a tow truck (as long as it is not my car)
Some unfortunate soul a few blocks over either broke down or got repossessed, so I took a guilty entertainment in watching how effortlessly the two driver managed to single handedly load the vehicle onto his bed.

6. The attempts to fit a big screen TV into the back seat of a sedan
Awaiting my daughter's emergence from an electronics store, my time passed pleasantly because of guy who had just purchased a new TV. Its box was just a bit too high to fit horizontally into the Ford sedan, so he next attacked the task from a diagonal approach. This second effort, while better than the first, still finished with a corner of the package sticking out of the open car door.

7. A mother duck leading a troop of her young across the street, while drivers pause until they have safely reached the other side
On my way to get an ice cream last Sunday, my dire desire for dessert was delayed. Several cars coming in the opposite direction stopped and flashed their lights, which notified me of the aquatic adventure taking place. Mama and a half dozen goslings paraded two by two across the four lane highway.


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