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Termites - How to control termites

Updated on August 7, 2013

Termites are one thing, each one of us would have encountered at one stage or other. They grow fast, are difficult to control and often cause a lot of damage to books and furniture.

Though basically they play an important part in decomposing the wood and returning the components back to soil, but when the same thing happens in our homes or commercial establishments, it causes a lot of damage and no benefit.

The part of country where I stay, termites are a major nuisance. Being a small town, not many treatments mentioned online are available here.

Termite control should be planned before constructing the building itself. This is the most effective way to prevent termite attack. But generally even if proper care is taken while construction also, termite pervention and control may be required later also.

There are no permanent solutions once the building has been constructed, but it can be prevented with proper care or controlled with treatments, repeated at regular intervals.

Things damaged by termites

  • Books/Papers/Newspapers
  • Wooden cupboards & shelves
  • Furniture

How to Prevent Growth of Termites?

  • Avoid keeping wooden structures(dog house) directly on the soil.Keep a concrete slab between the soil and the wooden structure
  • Avoid growing plants near wooden windows and doors.
  • Prevent stagnation of water around the house. Moisture attracts termites.
  • Apply coat of a good paint to prevent termites. Good paint keeps termites at bay.
  • Termites travel from ground up, so seal any cracks or holes in your flooring.
  • Improve ventilation in your house.
  • Regularly clean the house, esp. wooden shelves or shelves with paper covers.

Termite Control Method

Which Termite Control Method do you use?

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How to Control Termites?

  • Termiticide : There are various termiticides available in the market, but don't use these on your own. These can be highly poisonous and expose your family to toxins over long term. These should be used only by professionals. Confirm before hand the product's toxicity.
  • Kerosene Oil can also temporarily remove termites. The wooden structure should be thoroughly wiped with kerosene oil. It should also be poured in the holes, if any, in the wooden structure.
  • Termites generally spread in mud tunnels, vertically on walls. You can simply scrape it off, but ensure the scraped off termites are properly discarded.
  • Papers and books, damaged beyond recovery should be burned.
  • Orange Oil based treatment with negligible toxins is a good option as it doesn't affect humans and pets.

These are the prevention techniques and control methods which I found most useful for my house. There are many more methods, which can be easily available in big cities. You can check for them at your nearest pest control office or know more about them through the links given below.


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    • Trev Irvin profile image

      Trev Irvin 

      4 years ago

      Our summer plans were ruined this year due to our summer cabin having a massive infestation of termites. We initially wanted to burn off some areas but ended up hiring a technician. Like Candice mentioned, the companies have switched to safe options which allowed us to come back several months to enjoy our cabin!

      Trev Irvin

    • profile image

      Candice Harding 

      4 years ago

      When you hire a technician for termite control, ask questions about the toxicity of the termiticide. Lots of pest control companies have switched to safer and more eco-friendly options. The technician can also tell you what to expect from the process--any lingering effects, how long you'll need to wait for the toxicity to dissipate, etc.

      Candice Harding


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