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Test Your Faulty Refrigerator First Before Throwing It Out

Updated on September 6, 2014

Side By Side Refrigeraor

image source wikimedia commons public domain
image source wikimedia commons public domain | Source

Your Refrigerator Might Be Throwing A Tantrum

A week ago

I noticed that our 6 year old General Electric brand refrigerator was getting a bit warmer inside. It's a side by side 2.8 cu. ft. capacity unit, purchased in 2008 from The Home Depot.

I placed my hand inside and felt the walls of the refrigerator side and noticed it felt cold but I was unsure of the actual surrounding temperature so I placed a thermometer inside of the right side where the refrigerator seemed a bit higher than normal and i checked back in a few hours.

The inside temp of our GE's right sided refrigerator read 60 degrees. I was thinking new refrigerator. But I wanted to be sure. I called up a friend of mine, who is an air conditioner mechanic and technician and asked what I should do to test the refrigerator. He told me there was a slight chance that there is ice building up inside the freezer and the cold exchanger is not working. To fix that I was instructed to unplug the GE side by side and let it dry out.

I had to first buy an ice chest and 40 pounds of ice and transfer the contents of the troublesome refrigerator and place most of the frozen meats in it then place the unit on the front porch. I did so. It required removal of the front door to fit through. The side by side was that large.

Once outside

I opened up the 2 doors and hosed it off as there was strawberry juice from the melting inside and fully wiped down the insides of both interiors. After I dried it all out inside and plugged it into an extension cord, a heavy duty utility cord with ground, and turned on the refrigerator at the half way mark. I then placed a basic outdoor thermometer inside and shut the doors. I thought it would probably be a good idea to place a can of soda pop inside to check on in a few hours to see if the temperature went down to a proper cool.

I was happy to find out about 6 hours later that the refrigerator was much colder and read around 40 degrees. The can of Dr. Pepper was nice and cool and the freezer was working properly.

My conclusion was

I just saved 400 dollars on a Kenmore that I was going to purchase if this one turned out bad. It wasn't bad at all. The reason it stopped working was due to a water build up from a connector to the ice maker that created an ice barrier in the back of the left hand sided freezer. By the next day I was fully convinced that the 6 year old G.E. side by side was ready to go back in the house, but first I had to remove the front door.


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    • lookatdesktop profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Davis 

      3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      This was my first article. Thanks for taking time to look at it.


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